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Fly - fishing for new contracts!

AB Corporate Aviation’s Comic strip

Since 1986 more than 2000 customers have put their trust in AB Corporate Aviation.
Here is one of their private aircraft charter flights told as a cartoon.

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private jet rental in Europe - AB Corporate Aviation
Roger Brunel / Glénat Concept


- Hello, Luc? Belgrade, Zagreb, 4 passengers, 2 more for the return flight before 3:00pm; does that work?
Point-to-point travel, the number of passengers, the time of departure: your imperatives are no longer your constraints. Your plane can take off from nearly all airports, headed anywhere in the world, in only a few hours after your reservation*. Your schedule is unpredictable? A traffic jam or a meeting put you behind schedule? You have an extra passenger? With one easy phone call, you can reschedule your departure, at no extra charge. No stress. No lost time. Your plane will be waiting for you. It remains available for you and the team at AB Corporate Aviation reschedules the flight times. We will always offer you a solution. From takeoff to deplaning, your trip is a piece of cake, easy and enjoyable, in the most suitable aircraft for your needs. (*) Subject to aircraft availability, the necessary authorizations and weather conditions.

- Even an in-flight change in destinations!
An unexpected appointment? An opportunity to seize? You can change destinations very easily almost up to the time of boarding. Your trip is adapted to your constraints and not the opposite. The entire AB Corporate Aviation team takes care of the details. This unbridled liberty gives you a competitive advantage without equal. You are the first on base; you meet your customers and sign contracts ahead of the others. Upon landing, you get into your car while the competition is still waiting in line for check-in on a regular flight. You start important meetings earlier, fresh and available. Back home earlier, you can take advantage of the extra time. End-to-end, you manage your time.

- Departures when you choose, without waiting, lunches and meetings on board!
Every second counts. Contrarily to regular commercial airlines, AB Corporate Aviation meets your schedule. With no superfluous check-in, your boarding formalities are reduced to a matter of a few minutes. You take off in record time, and sometimes, when it is imperative, in only a few hours after your reservation. An in-flight luncheon, a meeting on board …. On your private business jet, you combine comfort and peace of mind. The jet that you reserve at AB Corporate Aviation is at your complete disposal: you and the guests that you invite are the only passengers. No more cramped quarters and eavesdropping by unknown travelers. A private plane is an ideal venue for holding a strategic meeting or preparing a crucial appointment in total confidentiality. You create a climate of confidence; always direct, your trips help you save the time that others lose in making connecting flights and in airport terminals. Barely on the ground, your car takes you immediately to the key locations for your business. Accelerate your projects, Envision new alliances. AB Corporate Aviation: a tool at the service of your strategy.

- Everyone enjoyed it except the trouts!
Go for it! Strengthened by new efficiency, you no longer make any concessions. Envision your business on new horizons; multiply your opportunities. Take advantage of life! You no longer sacrifice your free time or weekends with the family due to the constraints of public transportation and useless nights spent in hotels. Opting for private flights with AB Corporate Aviation is optimizing your availability for maximum success. And as for the trout? You'll have the time to cook them for your friends. AB Corporate Aviation, your partner for your professional and personal success.

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