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Loire valley castles Cheverny - VIP tour by helicopter


VIP Helicopter charter tour to Chateau de Beauregard

VIP helicopter Eurocopter Squirrel at Chateau de Cheverny

VIP Helicopter Eurocopter Dolphin at Cheverny Castle

Loire valley castles Cheverny - VIP helicopter tour

VIP Helicopter charter to Chateau de Chambord

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The "tradition" private tour by helicopter departing from Paris:

Loire valley castles map - VIP helicopter tour A One-day excursion to discover the sumptuous chateaux of the Loire valley, witnesses of the French Renaissance. Landing in the park of the Chateau of Cheverny located in Sologne in the Loire valley. Visit the Chateau: the Botanical park and the Chateau’s splendid interior, the kennels and the Tintin exhibition, the gardens and forest; don’t miss this amazing legacy.

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The helicopter flies at a height of 300 to 450m and the view is splendid as the sun is in the back during the outward flight as well as on the return flight.

Day return trip.
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We meet you at our private terminal at the Paris heliport located Porte de Sevres (private parking and direct access to the helicopters).
Flight towards Orleanais, via western Paris region, Château de Versailles and its French style garden, forest of Rambouillet, castles of Beaugency, Blois.
Flight time 1h20mn.

Landing in the park of the Chateau de Beauregard.

Escorted tour with a private guide of the Chateau de Beauregard, duration 1h.

Take off to the Domaine des Hauts de Loire at Onzain.
Flight over the castle of Chaumont sur Loire.
Flight time 0h10mn.
Gourmet lunch at the Domaine des Hauts de Loire.

After the lunch, take off from the Domaine des Hauts de Loire.
Flight over the castles of Amboise, Chenonceau, Troussay, Chambord.
Flight time 0h20mn.
Landing in the park of the Chateau de Cheverny.

Escorted tour with a private guide of the Chateau de Cheverny, duration 1h.

Take off from the Chateau de Cheverny.
Flight back to Paris via Orleanais, the forest of Fontainebleau and Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte.
Flight time 1h00mn.

Historical observations:

Castle of Beauregard:
On the edge of the Russy forest, a few kilometers to the south of Blois, the hunting grounds of François I was transformed into an elegant manor by Jean du Thiers, Secretary of State to Henri II. He had an elegant room built called the bell cabinet due to the three silver bells on the Thiers’ family coat-of-arms that is painted on the ceiling.
The following squire, Paul Ardier, treasurer of Spain under Louis XIII, commissioned a gallery of three hundred sixty-three portraits: fifteen kings, from Philippe VI de Valois to Louis XIII, a flock of ministers, courtiers and celebrities. This collection, of which 327 portraits are still in place, gives the room the name of "the gallery of fame". The floor is tiled with china from Delft representing an army of parading soldiers and cavalry, dressed in costumes from the Louis XIII era.
After a visit of the monument, a walk in the beautiful landscaped park and closed garden called "the Portraits" with 400 species of perennials and 100 climbing plants.

Castle of Cheverny:
The Estate of Cheverny is a stately property that has belonged to the same family for more than six centuries!
Cheverny has always been inhabited and each generation employs itself with passion in the upkeep and embellishment of the estate.
Since 1922, Cheverny has been open to the public and visitors can appreciate the splendors and delights of Life in the Castle: from the Botanical park to the splendid interior, the kennels, a Tintin exhibit and the gardens and forested park.
The owners invite you to discover a fantastic, authentic and living heritage.

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VIP helicopter charter tour from Paris to Loire Valley Castles Chateau de Beauregard & Chateau de Cheverny

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