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Nothing can replace your being there!

AB Corporate Aviation’s Comic strip

Since 1986 thousands of customers have put their trust in AB Corporate Aviation.
Here is one of their private aircraft charter flights told as a cartoon.

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air taxi in Paris - AB Corporate Aviation

air taxi in Rzeszow - AB Corporate Aviation
Roger Brunel / Glénat Concept

- This evening? But, Brodzki is …
To clinch a deal with a faraway customer, there are only two options. Option 1: “It's not next door, it's not very easy, it can take time, maybe we can handle the deal by phone…” It's a good option for not converting a prospect, or even for losing a customer. And then there is option 2. A call to AB Corporate Aviation and “your” plane is ready for takeoff. No waiting, no connecting flights, no stress and… time to prepare the dossier and cover in-flight debriefing.

- Don’t tell me you’ve got your own plane?
Let's be serious. I don't have my own plane because I don't have only one type of need and I want to be free to choose. And, don't forget, I am a businessman who wants to grow his business, but first and foremost, I am a savvy manager. And to manage our business travel, I made the choice a long time ago: AB Corporate Aviation. I call them when I need to travel: they advise me and offer the plane the most well suited to my needs. It's efficient and profitable.

- I might add that with AB Corporate Aviation we can be present in person with you all throughout the project!
Indeed, since there are cases when your presence is necessary, when you need to be on site and getting “on site” is not always easy. So here again, there are options. Option 1: A study of the flight times, the connections, the hotels that will have to be booked on site, the lost time, the profitability of the project and… you give up. Option 2: Call AB Corporate Aviation. You determine the schedule, no connecting flights, no useless overnight stays on site, no lost time and… a profitable project. So, if you need to travel and you have the impression that it is complicated, call us; everything will seem easy to you.

- Um, the routine. Oh yea, Brodzki, they’re going to sign with us. You impressed them, good job Boss!
Of course, deals are won on the quality of the project. But not only, they are also won on the appreciation that your customer has for your company, in a word, on your image. At AB Corporate Aviation, we are proud to contribute to our customers' image; in fact, they have a lot of points in common: Efficient, they travel in France, Europe and the rest of the world without ever losing time; Determined: they know how to use the necessary means to execute their projects; Financially savvy, they choose the most profitable solutions and the best partners to attain their objectives; Good time managers, they know how to make themselves available for what is important. And then there is a detail by which you can easily recognize them: they make favorable impressions on their customers; and that matters. Try: call AB Corporate Aviation at +33 1 48 35 88 88.

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