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Putting an end to difficult destinations and complex schedules

Put an end to difficult destinations and complex schedules!
Business aviation: to gain in flexibility and reactivity

Saving time and optimizing your trips: these are now the two imperatives with which decision makers, politicians, diplomats and businessmen have to juggle their schedules. At the heart of a time when reactivity, communication and immediate impact are vectors of success, controlling business trips has become an inescapable asset.

You need to visit factories, companies or customers situated from one end of the planet to the other more or less regularly. You want to put an end to flights that take you far from your meeting points. You want be free in your organization and no longer waste days and nights traveling.

Have you already thought about renting your own aircraft?

Profitability, flexibility, competitiveness

A recognized specialist of private aviation for more than twenty years, AB Corporate Aviation has put into place a range of transportation solutions adapted to the world of business and decision makers. 365 days a year, 24/7, aircrafts –air taxis, long haul or medium haul jets – are at your service, guaranteeing you total availability and maximum efficiency.

An economically attractive and profitable solution, renting an aircraft today ensures you of optimal traveling conditions. More than 6,600 airports in the world and 2,000 destinations in France and in Europe are within flight range. You gain in reactivity by arriving directly at your destination, on the day and time of your choice while avoiding time wasted in connecting flights as well as time lost waiting in lines and going through the harassing formalities of classic airports. You can execute complex flights including multiple stopovers by setting your own schedules and choosing airports in close proximity to your meeting points. You gain time as well as unequaled freedom to take action that you’ll be able to devote to making your projects a success.

Present at your side, our flight crews and teams of experts take charge of your travel safety and ensure that you enjoy optimal flight comfort. You can take advantage of this to work or relax; you’ll be fresh and have a greater impact during your meetings.

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