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AB Corporate Aviation
Paris Le Bourget airport
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F - 93350 Le Bourget - France
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+33 (0) 1 48 35 88 88
Executive air charter, Business jets originating in Europe
to worldwide destinations, anytime, anywhere,
operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So easy with AB Corporate Aviation!

AB Corporate Aviation’s Comic strip

Since 1986 more than 2000 customers have put their trust in AB Corporate Aviation.
Here is one of their private aircraft charter flights told as a cartoon.

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executive air charter in Paris Le Bourget - AB Corporate Aviation
Roger Brunel / Glénat Concept


- A few minutes later ...
No more unbearable lines to check-in, no more annoying controls or unpleasant staff to deal with. 15 to 20 minutes after your arrival at the airport, you are already on board, warmly welcomed in the lounge area after simplified departure formalities. You know all the persons with you on board since you chose them: no unpleasant passenger or competitor on board. You can seat back, relax, enjoy your flight and use your time the best way. Ready to work on the last details of your busy day with your clients or partners. You are on a plane that is yours for the duration of the flight, with your luggage at your disposal, and a smiling staff. Depending on the distance and your destination, you might have several hours just for you. You can relax, work in peace, read some contract drafts, prepare for a speech or a presentation. You can also take advantage of your time by holding a very confidential meeting with your partners, clients or your management team: the plane is your office for the duration of the flight! Far from being a luxury, a corporate jet is a real working tool: with AB Corporate Aviation, you can turn it into one of your keys for success!

- What a change!
YOU decided on a change! You chose not to suffer inappropriate flight schedules and itineraries, endless hallways, unbearable waits, unknown and annoying passengers. You want to be in charge when you travel to the best of your interest. Therefore, you have chosen to rent a corporate jet from AP Corporate Aviation. It is the safest way to arrive to your destination, flying direct while relaxing. It is also the best way to manage your time. According to your itinerary, you have the choice between a snack and a meal served on board by a very careful staff. You will be in the best physical and psychological conditions to sign your contract before your competitors. AB Corporate Aviation will help you reconcile productivity and hospitality by letting you manage your traveling schedule therefore transform a hassle into a major asset. Too bad for your competitors!

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