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AB Corporate Aviation’s Comic strip

Since 1986 more than 2000 customers have put their trust in AB Corporate Aviation.
Here is one of their private aircraft charter flights told as a cartoon.

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air taxi in Innsbruck - AB Corporate Aviation
Roger Brunel / Glénat Concept


- Better than that, we’ve got the whore range with AB Corporate Aviation!
Yes, it gets even better! Having a plane at your disposal does not necessarily mean owning it. Chartering a plane from AB Corporate Aviation is a guarantee that you'll have the plane which fits your exact needs in terms of comfort, autonomy, the number of passengers and cost. With AB Corporate Aviation, you benefit from the same advantages as a plane owner without the hassle and inconveniences. The plane is yours for the time of the flight, that's all. You only pay for the trips made, without adding operational expenses all year long to service and insure the aircraft and train the crew. From a four-seat business jet to a wide-bodied, long-range aircraft, and from helicopters to 20 seat twin-turbo props, AB Corporate Aviation can offer you the entire range of aircraft available on the market. Whether you travel alone, together with another person, with the entire team or a whole host of journalists, AB Corporate Aviation can organize your travel with the same professionalism, all year long, and is on stand-by 24/7 to meet your needs. You hear a lot about private planes. However, our flights have the status of public transportation of passengers and AB Corporate Aviation is certified as a travel agency. You have no liability and your trip is covered like just any travel by train or commercial airline. The planes and their crews are subject to the same checks and controls as any commercial airline. Therefore, you travel in complete safety, which is our first duty at AB Corporate Aviation.

- And all things considered, renting is the best way to go.
The payback on your business trips is one of the key factors in your decision to travel with AB Corporate Aviation. Renting a plane is not a superfluous luxury. Renting a plane is to opt for maximized and profitable business travel since you control your flight costs and save on other expenses like hotels, car rentals and restaurants. With AB Corporate Aviation, same day roundtrips and multiple stops are made easier. You don't spend more time in one place than is necessary, and with no time-wasting stopovers or connecting flights. AB Corporate Aviation gives you access to all of the major international airports as well as a multitude of airports not serviced by regular commercial flights, over more than 2000 destinations in Europe alone. You save time and money and your productivity and your company's are handsomely increased. Corporate travel with a private plane is for you. Speak to us about your travel plans; we will conduct a personalized study free of charge. You'll see that plane rental is affordable while offering so much in return.

- Kein problem, no kidding, it’s possible. Corinne, give them a call.
Of course it is possible! Flexibility is the chief purpose of corporate planes; it's the basis of our business. Everything is modifiable, even at the last minute: the number of passengers, the schedule, the services on board, the destinations, the stopovers. An extra passenger invited at the last minute or a sudden cancellation, a change in schedule for the departure or return flight, an extra stopover or one less during a European tour, you only need to inform our team and everything is settled. Ordering a flight can be at very short notice for unforeseeable reasons: a client that you would like to have flown in urgently, a meeting organized on the other side of Europe, urgent shipping of freight; as soon as you call, we can be ready to take off in under two hours. The flights available are à la carte, depending on your priorities, with unequaled reactivity. And AB Corporate Aviation's service doesn't stop after landing. Upon arrival, we can arrange for car rental, with or without a chauffeur, a limousine, a taxi or even a helicopter. No time to look into hotel reservations, or restaurants? We'll take care of it!

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