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You want to organize a customized flight plan

Organize a customized flight!
Business aviation invents the personalized flight.

As a response to economic and diplomatic imperatives and to the specificities of the needs of key players and decision makers, controlling your time and means of travel is one of the challenges to be met. An optimized trip is the assurance of strengthening a position or conquering a new market. There are so many reasons that lead you to business aviation.

You want to organize a specific trip or precise itinerary for yourself or your management team. You need to connect to hard to reach destinations far removed from commercial airlines. You want to benefit from unequaled travel conditions in order to motivate your troops and strengthen the image of your company.

Do you know that renting an aircraft helps you to control all of your trips?

Personalized, profitable and with a high impact

Departing from Paris Le Bourget airport or any airport of your choice, AB Corporate Aviation enables you to take full advantage of the solutions offered by private air travel. With more than 20 years of recognition and trust by professionals and institutions, AB Corporate Aviation sets up customized flight plans with you that are adapted to your priorities and objectives.

Free in your choice of schedules and destinations, you define the stages of your trips. Strengthened by our solutions, you rent the aircraft that corresponds exactly to your needs and you reach your destinations while avoiding useless connecting flights and wasted time. You also take advantage of a dense airport network that allows you to land close up to your meeting point. You discover a flexible and financially attractive means of transportation given the savings that it allows you to make, but also the stakes and actions that business aviation enables you to undertake that you otherwise would have had to forego.

Concerned with your comfort and safety and in charge of the quality of our services, our flight crews and teams of experts are involved by your side in order to make your flight a privileged moment. You take advantage of the strengths of private flights and permanently avoid the hassles of commercial air travel.

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