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Cessna Citation V Ultra

CHARTER A BUSINESS JET Cessna Citation V Ultra
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Medium range Business Jets on demand Charter flights in Europe

This fast and silent business jet is particularly well suited for trips in Europe and around the Mediterranean basin. It associates excellent performance and an interior layout thought out for business travelers. On board of the Cessna Citation Ultra, you can meet with team members or guests. You are not in your office, nevertheless, you can converse with your contacts, study a contract, or lead a negotiation whilst enjoying a level of confidentiality that no first class air travel could offer. And you arrive as close as possible to your final destination, at the time imposed by your schedule. You can make a trip from Paris to Vigo then Valencia in the same day, or else Caen to Budapest.

Specifications of the Cessna Citation V Ultra

Light size cabin aircraft

Crew: two pilots
Motorization: twin engine jet
Configuration: 6 to 8 passengers maximum
independent lavatory
Performances of the Cessna Citation V Ultra

Cruising speed: 420 kts
Max. range: 1 720 nm
Max. take-off weight: 15 900 lbs
Altitude: 39 400 ft

Dimensions of the Cessna Citation V Ultra

Cabin length: 17 ft 3 in Exterior length: 48 ft 11 in
Cabin height: 4 ft 11 in Exterior height: 15 ft
Cabin width: 4 ft 8 in Wingspan: 52 ft 3 in
Cabin layout Business Jet Cessna Citation V Ultra - Charter a private aircraft
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