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Dassault Falcon 20

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Medium range Business Jets on demand Charter flights in Europe

Performance, peace of mind and reliability! This business jet is perfect for all your trips in Europe and around the Mediterranean basin: comfortable and economical, the Dassault Falcon 20 enables a management or engineering team to hold a meeting in North Africa, visit a factory in Eastern Europe in the afternoon and get back in the evening for dinner with family or friends. And the travel time is wisely spent to continue working or to relax in total privacy.

Specifications of the Dassault Falcon 20

Mid size, stand-up cabin aircraft

Crew: two pilots, one flight attendant
Motorization: twin engine jet
Configuration: 6 to 9 passengers maximum
independent lavatory
Performances of the Dassault Falcon 20

Cruising speed: 435 kts
Max. range: 2 260 nm
Max. take-off weight: 29 100 lbs
Altitude: 39 400 ft

Dimensions of the Dassault Falcon 20

Cabin length: 24 ft 4 in Exterior length: 56 ft 3 in
Cabin height: 5 ft 6 in Exterior height: 17 ft 6 in
Cabin width: 6 ft 1 in Wingspan: 53 ft 6 in
Cabin layout Business Jet Dassault Falcon 20 - Charter a private aircraft
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