I travel with a wheelchair - I need extra assistance walking?

To arrange your boarding, let us know when booking your private Jet charter flight if you are traveling with a wheelchair or if you need help to walk.

If necessary, our team can organize your welcome at the airport, access and boarding the private Jet without having to walk.
The experts of AB Corporate Aviation will offer you the most suitable private Jets for your charter flight.

Take the opportunity to choose the most convenient schedule for your trip, as well as the closest airports to your final destination (even if these airports are not served by regular airlines).
At most airports the boarding of our private Jets charter flights is located in a private terminal, away from the main terminals of the regular lines and the crowd.
Your private Jet is nearby. We generally recommend that you arrive at the airport 20 minutes before the departure time.

Thus you will enjoy the flexibility, comfort and benefits of a private Jet charter flight.