AB Corporate Aviation: CEO's Letter

CEO's Letter

Welcome aboard AB Corporate Aviation

Concerning your travels, have you ever dreamt of being able to determine your departure times yourself, modify your schedule at the last minute, never worry about arriving on time, and even arrive very close to your meeting points with no connecting flights?

By calling on AB Corporate Aviation, you go from dream to reality, and you give yourself the means to act there where your presence is decisive.
Whether it be for your personal travels, your business travels or public relations, we can meet your needs.

Our private aircraft serve more than 6,000 airports worldwide, and more than 2,000 in Europe.

Our company, founded in 1986, enjoys the reputation of being a very serious business partner.
Our private charter flights are operated in accordance with Public Transportation regulations so you travel in total safety.

For more than 25 years, our customers have trusted us, and they include prominent businessmen, governments and many celebrities.

So you too should not hesitate to speak to us about your projects: we will study and customize your next trip on a private jet.

We look forward to seeing you soon on one of our flights.

From Luc Piot

Luc PIOT, Chief Executive Officer

Luc Piot, Chief Executive Officer of AB Corporate Aviation, on demand private jets charter flights

Chief Executive Officer of AB Corporate Aviation


Executive air charter specialist dedicated to provide

international and French companies, executives.

Daniel BERTRAND, Administration Manager

Photo portrait de Daniel Bertrand.

Charter a private jet with AB Corporate Aviation

Our assets

Your Private Jet Charter is only for you:

  • Exclusive: not shared with other passengers
  • Personalized
  • Profitable
  • A la carte schedules …

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