Rent a private jet: The benefit of chartering

Your benefits of chartering with AB Corporate Aviation

Charter a business aircraft in Europe with AB CORPORATE AVIATION and enjoy all the advantages:

  • Your schedule is ours: departure time as needed.
  • Direct flights, no more connections.
  • Urgent departure, for your emergencies.
  • Airports closest to your final destination.
  • Fast, easy and confidential airports procedures.
  • No waiting for boarding.
  • Close your deals before your competitors and save your valuable time!

Our team of experts are constantly available to prepare and accompany you at every step of your next flight in a private jet departing from Europe.

AB Corporate Aviation allows you to realize complex routings.

Fly to over 2 000 destinations in Europe, many not serviced by scheduled airlines. Our flights cover the world, Asia, the Middle East, CIS, Africa, the Americas...

AB Corporate Aviation enables you to fly to 10 times more destinations than scheduled airlines, with no stressful connecting flights and congested airports.

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The flexibility of a business jet makes it the indispensable tool of your efficiency.

Instead of adapting your schedule to those of mass transit, charter an aircraft at your command.

The executive business aircraft is totally efficient which increases your productivity.

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You can work or conduct a meeting en route.

Your private aircraft is a prestigious and confidential tool which will denote to your guests the importance you attach to them. It enhances your image and that of your company.

For your public relations campaigns, the executive business aircraft enables you to entertain your clients intimately on your own grounds and will leave them with an unforgettable impression of your gracious hospitality

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AB Corporate Aviation can place at your disposal an aircraft adapted to your requirements, cost effectively. Your business aircraft increases productivity, freeing up time for other work, improves your accomplishments, shortens your travel time, can eliminate costly overnight stopovers. Efficient, the business aircraft is financially attractive because it is custom designed to suit your personal needs.

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For your safety all our flights have civil aviation agreement for charter flights.

Maintenance of aircraft, training of flight crews, as well as the management of planes are strictly governed by the ministry of transport, which guarantees the security and insurance coverage of all passengers (Warsaw Convention) equivalent to the scheduled airlines.

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AB Corporate Aviation can use the least congested airports closest to your final destination.

The aircraft is at your service, no waiting for connecting flights, no unnecessary overnights, no time wasted.

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There are times when discretion is needed, when you cannot risk being seen by your competitors, the public or the press.

AB Corporate Aviation offers you business jet flights with the complete discretion that your business or yourself needs.

When arriving at the private departure lounge, or a few minutes later on board your private aircraft, you can work, conduct your meetings, in all privacy.You won’t be bothered by indiscreet eyes peering at your documents, or eavesdropping on your private conversations. Departure and arrival formalities are fast and easy, away from the stress and promiscuity of scheduled airlines.

With our business aviation services, you and your guests will travel out of the publics and your competitors sight.

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After studying your requirements, AB Corporate Aviation will establish a quotation, free of charge.

We offer a choice of aircraft adapted to your requirements, provide a description of the plane and indicate the flight times.

Charter prices include all costs such as passenger taxes, airport charges during normal operating hours, handling and navigation fees, fuel, insurance, crew allowance as known at the date of the quote.

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When your meeting finishes earlier than scheduled, do you appreciate loosing your time waiting at the airport? With AB Corporate Aviation’s business jet services, you just have to call us and we will arrange to have the private aircraft ready to leave as soon as you want.

Likewise, when your meetings last longer, will you rather leave unfinished business behind to catch your regular flight, or will you choose to miss it and book a new ticket for the next day?

AB Corporate Aviation allows you to avoid those unscheduled overnight stays, and keep your mind off those unpleasant and costly details. Your private air charter will wait until you’re ready to leave, you can finish your meetings with a complete peace of mind.

AB Corporate Aviation allows you to spend only the time necessary on site, thus saving your precious time for other activities.

We make your travel as short as you request, allowing you to accomplish more in one day.

With our executive air charter, you can come back the very same day, saving undesired strenuous overnight stays, to enjoy your evening at home and making you and your guests fully available for the next day at work.

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There are situations when your presence is needed, when meeting someone, face to face, shaking a hand, will make the difference. Flying with AB Corporate Aviation business aircraft charter allows you to undertake and achieve what would be impossible otherwise. Close your deals, stay miles ahead of the rest. Explore difficult to access markets, win, close before your competitors. Do for your customers what others dare not. Our private air charter is the most efficient tool to help you getting there before the competition.

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Private Jet Charter Flights

  • Your schedule is ours: departure time as needed.
  • No waiting for boarding.
  • Airports closest to your final destination.
  • Direct flights, no more connections.
  • Pricing without surprise.
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