Rent a private Jet for your air ambulance

Your air ambulance

Medical evacuations (evasan, medevac, air medical transport) with an aircraft dedicated to ambulance missions to transport a patient returning to his home or to the medical structure he has chosen in France.

Medical evacuations by air ambulance jet

AB Corporate Aviation operates air ambulance services to help the patient as well as their loved ones.

How to request a medical relocation by air ambulance jet?

Description of the patient's condition, to prepare for air medical transport:

  • Communicate the current medical report.
  • Is the patient really in a fit state to be transported?
  • Describe the medical assistance necessary for this transport by medical plane.
  • Contact of the hospital where the patient is located (Name, address, department, doctor, telephone, email).
  • Contact of the receiving hospital (Name, address, department, doctor, telephone, email).
  • Inform us of accompanying persons and luggage.

To prepare a medical repatriation

Request a quote for an Air ambulance flight

If you decide to book this Air ambulance transport by dedicated medical aircraft, you must also send us copies of all travelers' passports.

Flexibility of our Evasan flights:

  • Possibility of organizing a ground ambulance transport on departure and arrival.
  • Choice of the closest airports.
  • Adaptable departure times.
  • Possibility of flight with cabin altitude at ground level.

Why charter a private Jet?

  • Point to point direct flights without connection
  • Business aircraft adapted to your route, your number of passengers and your budget
  • Immediate boarding: Free of delays and waiting times
  • Airports closest to your final destination

More advantages to charter a Private Jet