AB Corporate Aviation: 10 good reasons

If there’s one field where rigor is a must, it’s in air transportation - helping businessmen and women to travel in order to enable them to leverage their schedule. Organizing customized air travel for a multinational or SME means first and foremost, offering perfect service. That means anticipating everything, foreseeing everything.

We have selected 10 reasons to put your trust in AB Corporate Aviation when planning your next private aircraft charter flight.

Naturally among them, safety comes first; it is our founding principle at AB Corporate Aviation. There is also the choice of business aircraft at your disposal, our real-time monitoring of flights and the reactivity of our commercial service – our clients appreciate our quick and clear responsiveness.

Since 1986, thousands of clients have put their trust in us. AB Corporate Aviation is located at the Bourget airport in Paris, the largest airport for business aviation in Europe.

We offer total flexibility and help our clients to benefit from significant advantages:

  • Reaching final destinations on the schedules of their choice with no connecting flights and no waiting in lines, in complete confidentiality and total safety;
  • Direct flights point to point as well as circuits with several stages in the same day…
  • Reactive and operational 24/7, 365 days per year, our team of experts recommends the most suitable solution for each of your executive air charter flights requests.

You can take advantage of our services flight by flight with no up-front investments and no commitments

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Founded in 1986 by Luc Piot, a commercial pilot by training, AB Corporate Aviation benefits from a reputation of great seriousness.

For over 30 years, business executives, government officials and many celebrities have put their trust in AB Corporate Aviation. Perfect knowledge of the universe of air travel as well as permanent attentiveness to safety and efficiency enable AB Corporate Aviation to offer its clients an essential competitive advantage: the control of their travel time.

Consequently, over the last decades, AB Corporate Aviation has operated thousands of private jet flights with its team for private or business travel and for public relations.

AB Corporate Aviation is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For your emergency flights, we can take off within 2 hours of your order. (subject to availability of aircraft and operating clearances).

  • Long range business jets
  • Short & medium range business jets
  • Short range business aircraft
  • Airliners
  • Helicopters

For your safety all our flights are operated with a Civil Aviation agreement for charter flights (A.O.C.).

Maintenance of aircraft, training of flight crews, as well as the management of aircraft are strictly governed by the ministry of transport which guarantees the security and insurance coverage of all passengers ( Warsaw Convention ) equivalent to the scheduled airlines.

All our business flight crews are composed of two pilots.

AB Corporate Aviation holds a travel agent license number LI 093 95 0017.

As such, we possess all necessary authorizations and guarantees to organize your executive air charter and are entitled to organize transport of passengers.

For all missions, AB Corporate Aviation establishes a charter contract which encompasses all flight specifications and conditions, as well as issuing flight tickets.

AB Corporate Aviation allows you to land in over 6 600 airports in the world (2 000 destinations in Europe), many not serviced by scheduled airlines, departing from Paris and most cities in Europe.

Our flights operate worldwide: Europe, Middle East, CIS, Africa, Asia, the Americas...

AB Corporate Aviation will inform you :

  • operating hours
  • technical specifications of airports
  • police and customs requirements

If required, we will apply for supplementary authorizations.

Whilst boarding and during the flight, our operations department is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call +33 1 48 35 88 88.

AB Corporate Aviation will supply you with the meeting points and schedules at every airport. A personal welcome of our passengers is organized in Paris area airports of Le Bourget, Orly, Roissy Charles de Gaulle and heliport of Paris.

We offer free parking and a private departure lounge for our passengers traveling from Paris Le Bourget airport.

If necessary we handle individual ticketing for our passengers to expedite departures.

Upon request we can organize:

  • car rentals
  • taxis
  • chauffeur driven cars
  • hotel reservations
  • etc...

After studying your requirements, AB Corporate Aviation will establish a quotation, free of charge: You simply pay as you fly.

We offer a choice of aircraft adapted to your requirements, provide a description of the plane and indicate the flight times.

Charter prices include all normal costs such as passenger taxes, airport charges during usual operating hours, handling and navigation fees, fuel, insurance, crew allowance as known at the date of the quote.

For each private jet charter flight request, please contact us and provide us with the necessary information:

  • Your itinerary
  • The number of passengers
  • On which date do you plan this trip, at what time vould you take off ?

Payments to the order of AB Corporate Aviation:

  • bank transfer
  • American Express card
  • MasterCard
  • Visa card

50 % at the reservation, the balance 10 days before the departure date of the first flight.

For last minute reservation, the total amount is paid at the reservation, before the departure date of the first flight

Download the printable Pdf map of Paris Le Bourget airport

Please check and validate this information by contacting AB Corporate Aviation before the departure of your private Jet charter flight.

Passengers will be welcomed at lounge AB Corporate Aviation - Signature Flight Support Terminal 1, located 45 avenue de l'Europe, zone d'aviation d'affaires, Paris le Bourget airport.

Get Directions & map to access to AB Corporate Aviation’s meeting point at Paris le Bourget airport.

Coming by car from Paris to Paris le Bourget airport ( 6 miles ):
Take the (A1) motorway at " Porte de la Chapelle ", exit n° 5 Le Blanc Mesnil - Le Bourget airport, Follow the indications " zone d’aviation d’affaires ".

Luggage : No prohibited or dangerous goods ; do not accect anybody else’s bag.

Important : Passagers must have a valid piece of identity and the appropriate travel documents required by the authorities (passport, visas ...).


Download the printable Pdf directory of hotels close to Paris le Bourget airport

Geographic coordinates (Gps) :

Latitude N 48°57’29" (48,95818)
Longitude E 002°26’41" (2,44471)

Private Jet Charter Flights

  • Your schedule is ours: departure time as needed.
  • No waiting for boarding.
  • Airports closest to your final destination.
  • Direct flights, no more connections.
  • Pricing without surprise.

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