Rent a private jet: how to proceed (FAQ)

A practical guide for your Private Jet charter flight. Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our clients regarding the way private Jets travel works at AB Corporate Aviation.

Simple, practical and complete, this online guide is a mine of information for business travelers.

We cover by direct flight over 6,000 airports worldwide, many of them are not serviced by scheduled airlines. Thus you access by point to point flight to the closest airports to your final destination. Check out our tips for best choosing your airport.

You will also find the airport location maps of the world's largest cities: Paris, New-York, London and Moscow.

Presentation of my requirements

After a thorough study of your requirements AB Corporate Aviation will give you a quotation inclusive of all normal costs such as passenger taxes, airport charges during usual operating hours, handling and navigation fees, insurance, crew allowance as known at this time.

Special requests may generate extra charges.

Possible sundries expenses will be invoiced as additional charges : special catering requests, satcom calls, aircraft deicing, insurance surcharges for certain destinations, hotel reservations, car rentals, taxis, limousine and helicopter transfers.

You can express your request:

  • by phone at +
  • by email
  • by filling out our private jet charter quote request form.

For each of your private jet flights we establish an all inclusive quote which takes into account the following:

  • your routing: airport of departure and airport of arrival
  • The number of passengers
  • The date and schedule of your flight
  • Your prefered private jet (if any)
  • The level of service and comfort you request
  • Your specific wishes

With these items we will propose the most suitable aircraft for your private jet charter flight. Of course, do not forget to give us your contact details.

You can reach AB Corporate Aviation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
by phone: +33 1 48 35 88 88.
Should you need to make a reservation, obtain information on your flights, request a proposal for your next executive air charter, we are available around the clock to answer your questions.

There are several ways to contact us, choose the one that will be more convenient for you:

  • call us at: +33 1 48 35 88 88, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  • if you prefer to send a fax: +33 1 48 35 86 27;
  • use our online form;
  • let us call you back;
  • e-mail us at:

AB Corporate Aviation meets your needs for which speed, comfort and confidentiality are essential.
Our team is on standby to make your executive air charter easy and efficient.

AB Corporate Aviation covers the whole world, we can offer 10 times more destinations than scheduled airlines.

In every case we can fly you closer to your final destination than the scheduled airlines.

In Europe we can fly to 2 000 airports, national carriers are limited to 200.

In the USA Business aircraft access 5 000 airports, scheduled airlines serve less than 1 000.

AB Corporate Aviation’s business aircraft can fly directly to a multitude of airports, many not serviced by scheduled airlines and position you closer to your final destination.

AB Corporate Aviation will propose to you the aircraft most suitable to your requirement.

If you have a specific aircraft type in mind we will offer those available on that day for your travel. ie twin-turboprops, small jets, medium jets, long range business jets, helicopters, airliners.

With AB Corporate Aviation, it is you who choose when you want your aircraft charter to depart and return.

You have full command of your agenda.

And even more, when your agenda changes during your trip, just call us, and we will arrange to leave sooner or later, with more or fewer passengers and even change destinations whilst en route.

Our business aircraft provide you with maximum flexibility.

You have several appointments in different cities the same day, AB Corporate Aviation can fly you from one to the next and get you home for dinner, saving you time and money. No hotel bills, no car rentals…

  • Your meeting has been moved forward;
  • The number of your guests has increased;
  • The date of your travel has been modified;
  • The destinations have changed.

AB Corporate Aviation will modify the flight plans to suit your busy schedule.

We can leave sooner, later, with more or fewer passengers and even change destinations whilst en route.

Our business aircraft have maximum flexibility.

You need only to inform AB Corporate Aviation and we will offer you another aircraft to accommodate fewer or more passengers.

For your safety all our flights have civil aviation agreement.

Maintenance of aircraft, training of flight crews, as well as the management of aircraft are strictly governed by the ministry of transport, which guarantees the security and insurance coverage of all passengers (Warsaw Convention) equivalent to the scheduled airlines.

AB Corporate Aviation can personalize the plane with visuals, i.e. your logo inside and outside the aircraft. Head crest covers can be printed with your company name and logo. The aircraft P/A systems is at your disposal for announcements.

The check in desk monitors can display your company name.

Disabled people can travel by private Jet, provided there are no safety issues.
Inform us when booking your private Jet charter and specify the details of the assistance you need.

The boarding of our Business Jets charter flights is usually located in a private terminal and the parking of your private Jet is nearby.
If you are traveling with large luggage or a wheelchair, please let us know.
This information will allow AB Corporate Aviation's experts to offer you the most suitable Private Jets for your charter flight.

To arrange your boarding, let us know when booking your private Jet charter flight if you are traveling with a wheelchair or if you need help to walk.

If necessary, our team can organize your welcome at the airport, access and boarding the private Jet without having to walk.
The experts of AB Corporate Aviation will offer you the most suitable private Jets for your charter flight.

Take the opportunity to choose the most convenient schedule for your trip, as well as the closest airports to your final destination (even if these airports are not served by regular airlines).
At most airports the boarding of our private Jets charter flights is located in a private terminal, away from the main terminals of the regular lines and the crowd.
Your private Jet is nearby. We generally recommend that you arrive at the airport 20 minutes before the departure time.

Thus you will enjoy the flexibility, comfort and benefits of a private Jet charter flight.

You can travel with your baby (under 2 years old) in a private Jet. Inform the AB Corporate Aviation team when booking.
Travel is not recommended for infants in the 7 days following birth. Avoid travel if your infant is ill.
Your baby travel on your lap.
Please note that children can fly by helicopter from 2 years old.

Also let us know if you are traveling with a stroller or other large luggage.

Check the entry and travel requirements :
Each child must have a passport in their name : children cannot travel using a parent’s passport.
children must possess the following personal documents : passport  or national identity card, visa, etc… as required by the police, customs agents and immigration officers of your countries of destination.

And do not forget everything that will be useful to your baby during your trip.

Yes, of course, with AB Corporate Aviation, you can travel on our business aircraft accompanied on board by your family pet.

You just need to inform us when making your flight request.

Your pet must have valid vaccination, health certificates, entry permits and any other documents required for each destination of your trip.

In order to ensure that your oversized luggage and your sports equipment fit without difficulty in the luggage compartment of the private Jet that you charter, inform us when booking. Let us know if you are traveling with a lot of luggage.
Please specify the dimensions and weights of each piece of luggage, for example:

  • wheelchair ;
  • golf bag ;
  • skis, snowboard;
  • surfboard, windsurfing;
  • diving equipment ;
  • fishing equipment;
  • sporting or competition firearms ;
  • bicycle;
  • voluminous musical instrument such as a cello or a double bass;
  • large suitcase;
  • trunk;

These information will allow the experts of AB Corporate Aviation to offer you the most suitable private jet for your charter flight.

Travel Guide: airports, security & immigration

With AB Corporate Aviation you can fly from any airport in the world, many not available to scheduled airlines, many small airports closer to your final destination. Please note that some airports require special permits.

AB Corporate Aviation has access to major airports and secondary airports, our business jets can always find less congested, easily accessible airports closest to your final destination.

For your departures from Paris we suggest that you use Paris le Bourget airport which is closer to Paris than Paris Cdg or Paris Orly.

In London we can use the followings airports, you can choose the closest to your final destination and the least congested : London city, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Biggin Hill, Farnborough, Luton and Northolt. We suggest that you avoid Heathrow and Gatwick which are usually congested.

In New York, Teterboro airport sees mainly air traffic of corporate and private jets.

In Berlin we can utilize Tegel airport and Schonefeld airport.

Please consult our team to find the best airport to satisfy your requirements.

AB Corporate Aviation allows you to land in over 6 600 airports in the world (2 000 destinations in Europe), many not serviced by scheduled airlines, departing from Paris and most cities in Europe.

Our flights operate worldwide:

  • Europe,
  • Middle East,
  • Eurasia,
  • Africa,
  • Asia,
  • the Americas...

AB Corporate Aviation will inform you :

  • operating hours,
  • technical specifications of airports,
  • police and customs requirements.

If required, we will apply for supplementary authorizations.

Location map of Paris area airports (France)

  • Paris le Bourget LBG LFPB
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG LFPG 
  • Paris Orly ORY LFPO
  • Paris Pontoise - POX - LFPT

Download the printable Pdf map of the Paris area airports 

Local time in Paris: Central European Time CET. Summer UTC/GMT + 2 hours, Winter UTC/GMT + 1 hour.

Since 1981 Paris le Bourget airport is dedicated to business aviation. Passengers embark there in few minutes aboard their private jet charter flight to reach numerous airports in France, Europe and all around the world, even airports who are not serviced by scheduled airlines.

Passengers arriving at Paris CDG airport can go to Le Bourget airport by taxi, the duration of this transfer is 20 minutes. So they can benefit of the flexibility of a private aircraft charter flight and reach their final destination without delay.

Paris Orly and Paris Charles de Gaulle airports are dedicated to national and international commercial airlines. It is possible to make there a connecting air-taxi flight.

Make an enquiry for your next private jet charter flight departing from Paris >>

Orly and Le Bourget were created for military aviation during the First World War. Scheduled airlines have been developed there soon after.
Paris Charles de Gaulle airport also known as Roissy CDG was inaugurated in 1974.
There is also a heliport at Paris, located at Issy les Moulineaux at the edge of the Boulevard Periphérique, a few minutes drive to the city center.

Take off from the Paris heliport for a VIP private tour by helicopter to visit the Mont Saint Michel, the D-Day Beaches or the sumptuous Loire valley castles.

Paris airports map

Location map of the major airports of the London area (United Kingdom):

  • Luton - LTN - EGGW
  • London City - LCY - EGLC
  • Biggin Hill - BQH - EGKB
  • Northolt - NHT - EGWU
  • Farnborough - FAB - EGLF
  • Heathrow - LHR - EGLL
  • Gatwick - LGW - EGKK
  • Stansted - STN - EGSS

Download the printable Pdf map of London area airports 

Local time in London: Greenwich Mean Time GMT. Summer UTC/GMT + 1 hour, Winter UTC/GMT.

London also has a heliport located downtown in Battersea.

The airports of Heathrow and Gatwick are mainly frequented by international commercial airlines.

AB Corporate Aviation offers private jets connecting flights to international passengers. No waiting for boarding and direct flights: they can reach their final destinations and land on airports often not serviced by regular airlines.
Business jets charter flights mainly use the airports of Luton, London City, Biggin Hill, Northolt, Farnborough and Stansted.
These airports allow you to enjoy the flexibility of private jets charter flights: you choose your schedule and boarding delays are minimized.
The airports of Luton, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted are open to air traffic 24 hours a day.

Make an enquiry for your next on-demand private jet charter flight to travel to London >>

Map of London airports

Location map of the major airports of the New York area NYC:

  • Teterboro - TEB - KTEB
  • Republic Airport Long Island Farmingdale - FRG - KFRG
  • White Plains Westchester County Airport - HPN - KHPN
  • Long Island MacArthur Airport Islip - ISP - KISP
  • New York Kennedy - JFK - KJFK
  • Newark Liberty International Airport - EWR - KEWR
  • New York La Guardia - LGA - KLGA

Download the printable Pdf map of New York area airports

Local time in New York: Eastern Standard Time EST. Summer UTC/GMT - 4 hours, Winter UTC/GMT - 5 hours.

Private jet charter flights mainly attend on the airports of Teterboro, Newark, Long Island MacArthur Islip, Republic Farmingdale and White Plains Westchester County.

Well located, you can take off of from these airports aboard a business jet charter flight less than an hour after leaving your hotel : no waiting for boarding.

Make an enquiry for your next private jet charter flight to fly to New-York >>

Map of New York airports

Location map of the main airports in Moscow (Russian Federation):

  • Sheremetyevo - SVO - UUEE
  • Vnukovo - VKO - UUWW
  • Domodedovo - DME - UUDD
  • Bykovo - BKA - UUBB
  • Ostafyevo - OSF - UUMO
  • Ramenskoye Zhukovsky ( Romnenskoye ) - RNU - UUBW

Download the printable Pdf map of Moscow area airports 

Local time in Moscow: Moscow Standard Time MST, UTC/GMT +3 hours.

Business aviation mainly uses Vnukovo Airport. Opened in 1941 and located at 12km from the city, it is the oldest of the airports in Moscow in service.
Private jets also attend the Ostafyevo International Airport.

International scheduled airlines serve the airports of Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. These airports are connected to Moscow by road and rail. Inaugurated in 1965, Domodedovo International Airport is the largest airport in Russia in terms of passenger. It is located 45km from the city center. The Bykovo airport is mainly frequented by domestic scheduled services. It is planned to develop regular lines on the Ramenskoye military airport.

Make an enquiry for your next private jet charter flight to travel to Moscow >>

Map of Moscow airports

Download the printable Pdf map of Paris Le Bourget airport  

Please check and validate this information by contacting AB Corporate Aviation before the departure of your private Jet charter flight.

Passengers will be welcomed at lounge AB Corporate Aviation - Signature Flight Support Terminal 1, located 45 avenue de l'Europe, zone d'aviation d'affaires, Paris le Bourget airport.

Get Directions & map to AB Corporate Aviation’s meeting point at Paris le Bourget airport.

Coming by car from Paris to Paris le Bourget airport ( 6 miles ):
Take the (A1) motorway at " Porte de la Chapelle ",  exit n° 5 Le Blanc Mesnil - Le Bourget airport, Follow the indications " zone d’aviation d’affaires ".

Luggage : No prohibited or dangerous goods ; do not accect anybody else’s bag.

Important : Passagers must have a valid piece of identity and the appropriate travel documents required by the authorities (passport, visas ...).


Download the printable Pdf directory of hotels close to Paris le Bourget airport 

Geographic coordinates (Gps) :

Latitude N 48°57’29" (48,95818)
Longitude E 002°26’41" (2,44471)

Advice to travelers, helpful links:

      • Private Jet charter flights in Europe,
        Indicate your country of destination to know the updated entry information, visit

      • European Union - Travelling in Europe: the official website for people travelling in the 27 countries of the EU,
        Whether you are on holiday or on business,

      • European Commission: Taxation and Customs Union,

      • French customs - your arrival in France: The obligation to declare cash, securities and valuables,

  • World Health Organization WHO: The United Nations specialized agency for health,

  • The Institut Pasteur Medical Center:  health center open to the public at Paris, France,

My reservation

When we quote a flight to you the aircraft is available. When you make your decision, we check again the availability of the aircraft and reserve it for you as soon as we receive a deposit and our contract signed. In your own interest you should reserve your business aircraft ASAP.

By calling AB Corporate Aviation or sending us a fax or an e-mail, you can book the flight at the date of your choice.

In case of an emergency departure our team of professionals is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In case of emergency AB Corporate Aviation can organize a flight and take off within two hours after your order. (subject to availability of the aircraft and operating clearances).

It is also in this case that AB Corporate Aviation is very reactive.
Contact our team:

We advise you to order as soon as your decision is taken to guarantee that you have the aircraft best suited to your need. At the last minute you may not find the most advantageous price and most suitable aircraft available.

My private charter flight

Confidentiality is a primary concern of AB Corporate Aviation, we will never divulge any information about our clients or their flights.

The private aircraft that you have chartered with AB Corporate Aviation is yours and yours alone.

You and your guests will travel in all privacy, out of your competitors and the public sight. Thus the friendliness and intimacy of our Private Jets allow you to chat with your guests in an informal and relaxed manner.

We do not arrange charter flights shared with other passengers.
However and if you wish, you can share yourself your private Jet charter flight with other people or relationships of your choice.

You choose the schedule and we will keep to it, weather permitting and specific authorizations dependant on certain locations.

The aircraft that you have reserved is for you and you alone.

Thus it is not possible to undergo the nuisances of "overbooking" with AB Corporate Aviation.

Yes, you can modify your schedule to meet your precise requirement.

One of the many advantages of AB Corporate Aviation’s business aircraft is their total flexibility.

Generally for business aircraft you need to be at the airport 20 minutes before the flight.

For passengers airliners approximately one and half hours are required.

For most of the airports used by AB Corporate Aviation there are parking lots available for our passengers.

Often these are free and very close to our private departures lounges.

For business aircraft the departure formalities are simple and fast.

In some case you can access your aircraft directly from your car.

A business aircraft will never leave without you.

AB Corporate Aviation will wait for you on departure, return flight or during lay over.

Should you be delayed for any reason or want to modify the schedule of the flight, please contact us - thank you.

Of course, we will be happy to accommodate your extra guests.

The only limitation is the legal capacity of the aircraft.

You can do so up to the moment of departure.

We can modify passengers lists up to departure time.

AB Corporate Aviation can change the itinerary as your requirements evolve.

At most airports arrivals are simple and fast as are our departures.

You travel away from the crowds, queues and congestions.

AB Corporate Aviation fly also to secondary airports less congested than large airports.

Hunters are welcome aboard AB Corporate Aviation’s private jets.

Their arms must be unloaded properly stored, munitions separately and have the proper paperwork from departing country and country of arrival.

They must also conform to the specific lawful characteristics of each country.

On most of our long-haul business aircraft Satcom (Phone, fax), audio, video (VHS, CD, DVD), airshow are available aboard.

We can personalize the service on board according to your desires in particular the catering and the press.

AB Corporate Aviation can supply taxis, rent a car, limousine or even a helicopter with a surcharge.

Why charter a private Jet?

  • Point to point direct flights without connection
  • Business aircraft adapted to your route, your number of passengers and your budget
  • Immediate boarding: Free of delays and waiting times
  • Airports closest to your final destination

More advantages to charter a Private Jet


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