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An European day return flight by Business Aircraft

AB Corporate Aviation presents a Business Aircraft charter flight in Europe told as a cartoon.

  • Easily take a client, prospects or journalists to visit one of your sites in France, in Europe, around the Mediterranean Basin: direct flight by Business Aircraft to the closest airport, at the times you decide…
  • Are you in a hurry? AB Corporate Aviation Business Aircraft charter flights adapts to your imperatives.

Find out the benefits of charter a Business Aircraft by reading this episode "An European day return flight!"

Advantages of a business aircraft charter flight shown in this episode

With the scheduled flights, we’ll have to leave the day before and spend an extra night or cancel Jones.

Efficiency is our priority! Schedules that give you complete freedom ! AB Corporate Aviation releases you from the restrictions imposed by commercial airlines, allowing you to plan your schedule more efficiently. Our tailor-made solutions are fully suited to your needs: forget schedules that are incompatible with your commitments, delayed or cancelled flights, overbooking, etc… Our business aircraft are provided for your exclusive use and are ready to take off whenever you choose. This means you are free to plan your own schedule and organize your trips as and when you need them. An aircraft is ready and waiting for you at the agreed time, so you don't have to hang around unnecessarily or book into a hotel; and if your professional commitments dictate, prearranged times and routes can be changed, right up to the last minute. With AB Corporate Aviation, you control your business trips. You can plan to visit several sites in Europe in just one day, even in locations not served by regular airlines. Our business flights serve 6,600 airports worldwide, avoiding delays and transfers, and with full discretion. With AB Corporate Aviation, your business trips are optimized and efficiency comes first.

Advantages to rent a business aircraft shown in this episode

Le Bourget airport, so close and so easy!

Avoid the crowds! Easy to access airports ! Not only is Le Bourget easily accessible from the A1 freeway, it is also the closest airport to the center of Paris. A personalized welcome and private lounge are provided for AB Corporate Aviation's passengers and a free car park is at their disposal right outside the terminal. As with most business airports, formalities are quick and simple. You can arrive just a few minutes before your flight departs and board without having to wait, away from the hustle and bustle. You also avoid the long and tedious security procedures of larger airports. Throughout Europe, AB Corporate Aviation's business aircraft take you to easily accessible secondary airports that are often closer to your final destination. No more time wasted in transit: you take off from a convenient point nearby and arrive at your final destination directly. And if using an international airport is unavoidable, AB Corporate Aviation has private check-in desks and lounges at your disposal to make your trip easier. With AB Corporate Aviation you save time and enjoy greater comfort and security.

The plane is "ours" and will adapt to our timetable!

Full privacy on board! Discretion and efficiency! Once you have boarded an AB Corporate Aviation plane, your privacy is guaranteed.This allows you to work in privacy and arrive at your destination feeling fresh and energized, free from the stress caused by the constraints of commercial air travel. Shielded from the public gaze, your journey gives you valuable time to hold a confidential strategic meeting or to prepare calmly for important talks. It also gives you the chance to play host to guests or colleagues in a prestigious setting. Whatever your requirements or priorities, AB Corporate Aviation provides you with the aircraft that is best suited to your needs. Public relations programs, visits to factories or decentralized sites, with AB Corporate Aviation, all your trips are entirely personalized and become a communications tool that reflect your company's image. Choosing AB Corporate Aviation allows you to go where your competitors are unable to, to be in the right place at the right time, and to do whatever it takes to attract and win clients. With AB Corporate Aviation, you can devote your time to your priorities.

Advantages to charter a VIP Business Aircraft presented in this episode

It costs the same than the airlines, but we saved the hotel nights.

Prices suited to your budget! A private trip for the price of a regular flight! With AB Corporate Aviation, prices for private flights in Europe are often comparable to those of commercial business class flights and sometimes even cheaper for day trips with 6-7 passengers or more... Add to this the time saved, reduced accommodation and transfer costs and all the other expenses that come with each day spent on the move, and you'll see that private flights have several serious advantages. Not to mention those hard-to-quantify but often decisive factors that allow you to attract new business and secure the loyalty of your clients. AB Corporate Aviation offers a range of business aircraft with between 4 and 400 seats, suited to all types of flight in France and in Europe, and of course helicopters, which are ideally suited to short “door-to-door” journeys. AB Corporate Aviation's flights allow you to travel in complete safety, in accordance with official “Public Transport” rules and in compliance with legislation, and are certified by the French Ministry of Transport and its overseas counterparts. The maintenance and operation of our aircraft are constantly monitored by the Ministry of Transport, thus ensuring the same high levels of security and insurance coverage as commercial airlines. With AB Corporate Aviation, you will be surprised how cost-effective private flights can be.

We even have enough time to go by the office.

Achieve your goals! Professional and personal satisfaction ! More than just a journey from A to B, a flight onboard AB Corporate Aviation is a genuine personal travel experience with an emphasis on hospitality and conviviality. On board, you will find the perfect environment to achieve your goals. A private aircraft can be an effective tool with which to attract, impress and win even the most exacting customers. And because your trip lasts only as long as it takes to attain your objectives, you save your guests and yourself hours of that most precious of commodities, time. Nobody spends more than a day on the move: this allows all our passengers to devote more time to business or pleasure. With AB Corporate Aviation, make the most of the time you save!

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