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Here is one of our clients ad hoc Air Taxi charter flights told as a cartoon.

  • Discover the real solutions on these essential topics while get multiple benefits of our Air Taxi charter flights. It stays little room in your timetable for the unforeseen and the latter can turn out of a strategic importance. Sometimes we would have to be in two places on the same day.
    Your on-site presence is often needed to build deep and lasting relationships with your clients and business partners.
  • As a specialist in Air Taxi charter flights, the AB Corporate Aviation team will accompany you to make the best choice and you, on your side, will have the free and quiet mind to carry out your mission.

Find out how AB Corporate Aviation Air Taxi help clients by reading this episode "Be where the business is !"

Benefits of Air Taxis flights shown in this episode

They run a household, the kids and a business! They make better use of their time than I do!

Your presence on site is often necessary to create deep and lasting relations with your customers and business partners. To help you, the team at AB Corporate Aviation, serving its customers since 1986 from its base at le Bourget airport in Paris, makes business aircraft available for you and your management teams as well as for your public relations operations. It is a very flexible solution that offers you many significant advantages: Direct flights to many airports, even ones not served by regular airlines, with no stopovers; Choice of flight times and schedule flexibility; Organization of complex itineraries the same day; Simplified and quick formalities, with a private business jet, there is no waiting to board; Confidentiality and privacy on board; A 24/7 hotline, 365 days per year for immediate action in case of need. The experience of our experts enables us to offer you an adapted solution for each of your flight requests. And for you, this means you’ll have peace of mind and tranquility to take care of the business at hand.

Benefits of on demand Air Taxis flight presented in this episode

Aren’t you tired of being a slave to travel schedules, waiting in lines to check in?

Today’s business leaders have to be mobile and reactive. Mobile: because opportunities for growth are found in France, in Europe and worldwide. Reactive: because the opportunities available today may not be there tomorrow. That’s why AB Corporate Aviation offers you “flights on demand” that fit your needs: You no longer have to put up with inadequate means of transportation. You board at the time you have chosen without any stress and with no waiting. In flight, you appreciate the confidentiality and calmness to prepare action on the ground with your team or to deal with the business at hand. Upon arrival, you are in full possession of your means, on top of your game to negotiate a new contract or lead a key meeting. That’s how you increase your productivity.

I’ve got even better and cheaper!

Thanks to AB Corporate Aviation, you are sure never to pay for more than what you need! You don’t have to own your own private jet to take advantage of business aviation. Calling on our services is done on a case-by-case basis, flight by flight, with no up-front investments and no commitments. No subscriptions: you save on expenses and only spend money on the flights that you make. No commitments: You leave when you want and you are not subject to making a certain number of flights within a given time frame. AB Corporate Aviation offers you total flexibility and ease of use to give easy access to flights aboard a private aircraft. A simple call from you and the teams at AB Corporate Aviation will ensure the flights that perfectly meet your expectations. Greater liberty at your finger tips for better time management, and on an affordable budget. Now that’s a strategy that pays off for you and the development of your business!

Benefits to rent Air Taxis flight shown in this episode

AB Corporate Aviation, customized planes, adapted to my schedule, and the choice of my passengers!

The “customized” aircraft charter flights that AB Corporate Aviation make available are the most flexible means of transportation on the market. You choose your own flight times and itinerary: express your desires and our teams will organize the most optimal flights. Unexpected changes in plans: our flights are changeable up to the last moment so you can add a passenger at the last minute or modify the departure time or return time. With AB Corporate Aviation your time is valued and your schedule can change without impacting all of your projects. And you get a step ahead of the competition!

If it’s affordable for me, it is for you. So give them a call for your next trip.

Time is priceless! Traveling with AB Corporate Aviation will always be the winning choice. No waiting, zero stress, total flexibility in your travels and flexible flights to help you adjust to last minute unforeseen events. You also make savings on numerous unproductive expenses such as time lost by your team and yourself in airports, transfers, hotels, etc… The time you’ll save with AB Corporate Aviation helps you and your teams to be fully operational to run your business effectively. We are all subjected to the constraints and pace imposed by a busy professional life. Up early, back late, taking work home, harassed by traffic and crowds… That lifestyle is not inevitable. Today, AB Corporate Aviation enables you to plan your travels differently, only spending the time necessary on site and being available for other activities that are just as essential.

Really great value for money. Really efficient. Now it’s my turn to optimize my time.

We all know the personal satisfaction that you get from making the right choice or for making the best decision. By traveling with AB Corporate Aviation, as a business leader, you’ll feel this satisfaction fully: completing all of your missions, optimizing your time at excellent value for money. Feel the joy of a job well done and enjoy the satisfaction that goes with professional accomplishments!

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

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