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  • Jack and Christine will complete their projects as soon as possible. You also enjoy the significant benefits of an Air Taxi flight. More than ever, the most responsive entrepreneurs are the ones who win. They know better than others how to master their schedule and their mobility. Make an extra appointment in an already busy schedule, be on site when necessary, seize opportunities, these are your needs and we help you achieve them.
  • Because your hours are counted to achieve your goals, AB Corporate Aviation has developed an on-demand Air Taxi service available to businesses. It is a personalized and flexible formula, with a billing flight by flight, without subscription or investment.

More information about the advantages for you of an Air-Taxi flight by reading this episode "Success guaranteed !"

Benefits to book Air-Taxis shown in this episode

From now on, we’ll need to go on site to conclude!

There are times when nothing can replace your presence; you have to be there in order to: meet with your partners, determine the validity of information, or measure the advancement of a project. AB Corporate Aviation, a specialist in flights on-demand in private aircraft, is your indispensable partner, a functional tool to optimize your travel and enable you to be on site when necessary.

That’s not going to be easy, unless…?

It’s easy to get a quote from AB Corporate Aviation: contact us by phone or email and tell us what you need. Give us the facts: number of passengers; desired dates and schedules; your itinerary: specify the city of departure and the destination. We can get you to many airports not serviced by regular commercial airlines that are closest to your final destination. You can modify your flight schedule up to the moment of departure depending on your schedule. The formalities are simplified and in general, allow almost immediate boarding. These advantages allow you to organize your trip over a much shorter period and thereby avoid undesired and costly nights on the road. With AB Corporate Aviation, you have your own “air-taxi” at your orders.

Benefits to rent Air-Taxis presented in this episode

They know that we have to pick up Christine in Grenoble?

Your activity includes traveling. Whether it is for a direct destination, a complex trip or a point-to-point liaison, our services for flights on-demand in private aircraft adapt to your needs and enable you to accomplish your missions in a reduced amount of time. You determine your itinerary and flight schedule at your convenience up to the last moment. During your flight, our ground team is available 24/7 for your comfort and convenience. You can modify the passenger list right up to departure within the limits of aircraft capacity and with the understanding that passengers must comply to the formalities required by local authorities. With its team of reactive and operational experts, AB Corporate Aviation offers you unequaled flexibility to contribute to your success.

Benefits of Air-Taxis flights presented in this episode

Just arrived at the airport, and bang, we’re boarding and taking off!

You board as soon as you get to the airport: takeoff takes place immediately thereafter, no waiting for boarding, reduced formalities and no hassles in crowds of people. And if you are late, your private plane will wait for you. You no longer need to leave home or your office 3 hours early to catch a flight… (Some flight times may however be regulated depending on the momentary traffic at local airports and air traffic.) AB Corporate Aviation helps you to be on time and makes the most of your time. You’ll no longer have to deprive yourself of any of your professional or personal appointments or engagements.

So Christine, we found a way to free up time.

Taking advantage of an opportunity at the last moment can be integrated into your schedule with us, whereas using conventional means of transport would rarely accommodate that. It’s a pity to forego opportunities... With AB Corporate Aviation, you can seize opportunities with our flights on demand in private aircraft; you can keep all of your appointments without any constraints.

And the meeting in the plane this morning was really useful to finalize things.

Today, people are in contact permanently thanks to smartphones, tablet PCs and cell phones. In public places (train stations, airports, planes, trains etc…) your communications are overheard and information may be revealed that is harmful to your company. Numerous contracts have thus been lost. Onboard our business aircraft, your confidentiality is preserved. Protected from eavesdropping, you can prepare the strategic meeting that you are headed to or debrief a previous meeting. Only you, your guests and your colleagues are on board. In excellent conditions, as comfortable and discreet as your own office, you can work in peace of mind thanks to AB Corporate Aviation.

Mission accomplished in a single day!

Clinching a new deal, signing a contract, moving faster than your competitors, you and your teams will have reached your objectives in record time. With AB Corporate Aviation you get more mobile. Making use of our services is made on a case-by-case basis, flight by flight, with no up-front investments, subscriptions or other engagements. We provide business aircraft that suit your needs, taking into account the trips to be done and the number of passengers on board. For each flight request, we give you a quote with no surprises including all the costs (passenger taxes, other air travel surcharges and fees, etc…). Since 1986, AB Corporate Aviation has served a large and loyal clientele and has made business aviation affordable for companies.

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

Discover other customer advantages of Air Taxis Charter

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Air Taxi in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : For only one day? it takes 3 days with the airlines, I’ve done it! Reply : One of the main advantages of Business Aviation is the chance of a round-trip to your destination in one day, or even in half a day. Since the plane and the crew are entirely at your service, you will even be able to make 2 or 3 stops in France or in Europe in the same day. With AB Corporate Aviation, you leave in the morning, you get quietly to the airport 20 minutes before the scheduled takeoff, and if you have been caught in a traffic jam, the plane waits for you. For the return, if you are early, you will be able to take off before the scheduled time. You get to your destination fresh and relaxed, in the plane you have been working or have taken a rest, and you go back in the evening with the possibility to return to your office if necessary, or to go directly home. And also, you can take with you collaborators or customers, because being away from their work place for one day is not a problem. It won't cost you more!

    Key employee travel

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Air Taxi in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : By changing the way I travel, I found the extra time that I needed. Try it quick !! Reply : In this world in perpetual movement, company leaders have to face more and more time constraints. For them, the major stakes are accomplishing their missions while dealing with their scheduling constraints. With customers spread out over France, Europe and in the world, they are often forced to make numerous trips in the same week. By offering personalized solutions, AB Corporate Aviation makes air taxi solutions available for them. In this scenario, Isabelle had already made flights by business jet with AB Corporate Aviation. Like all of our clients who trust us, she radically changed her way of traveling. Satisfied by the time saved, she recommended to her friend the optimal solution to choose her own departure times, destinations and even the private plane the best suited specifically for her trip. By recommending AB Corporate Aviation, Isabelle, a modern business woman with good common sense, knows exactly how to increase her efficiency during business trips. With AB Corporate Aviation, private jet travel is not a luxury; it’s an efficient, simple and accessible means of transportation.

    Pilot your agenda!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Air Taxi in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : They run a household, the kids and a business! They make better use of their time than I do! Reply : Your presence on site is often necessary to create deep and lasting relations with your customers and business partners. To help you, the team at AB Corporate Aviation, serving its customers since 1986 from its base at le Bourget airport in Paris, makes business aircraft available for you and your management teams as well as for your public relations operations. It is a very flexible solution that offers you many significant advantages: Direct flights to many airports, even ones not served by regular airlines, with no stopovers; Choice of flight times and schedule flexibility; Organization of complex itineraries the same day; Simplified and quick formalities, with a private business jet, there is no waiting to board; Confidentiality and privacy on board; A 24/7 hotline, 365 days per year for immediate action in case of need. The experience of our experts enables us to offer you an adapted solution for each of your flight requests. And for you, this means you’ll have peace of mind and tranquility to take care of the business at hand.

    Be where the business is!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : And how much does that folly come to? Reply : A lot less than you might think. Renting a business jet is not a folly: it's affordable and above all, profitable! Because we adapt to your schedule and constraints, traveling by business jet lets you increase your productivity and that of your colleagues by saving precious time. Your time is limited, you've got a hectic schedule, and you have to manage quick trips and high efficiency: renting a private jet is not a superfluous luxury. With AB Corporate Aviation, a private jet and the quality of service that goes with it enables you first and foremost to manage your time: you organize your schedule and choose your flight times; you get straight to the point. With comfort as an added bonus. You also avoid the numerous expenses linked to traditional travel. By calculating what a trip truly costs: the cost of your work time and that of your colleagues; transportation costs (Business class flights to one or several cities in Europe); the cost of taxis and transfers; nights in hotels and restaurant costs (and if there are six or seven of you, or more...); All in all, a private jet offers real savings in time and money. Compare! Don't hesitate to speak to us about your projects. We will work out the best solutions together.

    Business or pleasure: enjoy your time!

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  • Christmas, Air Taxi


  • Christmas, Air Taxi


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    Travel without stress

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    Follow the right runway

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