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Key employee travel by Air Taxi

Here is an Air Taxi on-demand flight at AB Corporate Aviation told as a comic.

  • Save several days on your travels, save a lot of time compared to schedued airlines flights.
  • No more hotel nights and no time lost during your travels: rent an Air Taxi for your business trips or your private travels.

Discover the benefits to charter an Air Taxi by reading this episode "Key employee travel!"

Benefits of an Air taxi ad hoc flight shown in this episode

For only one day? it takes 3 days with the airlines, I’ve done it!

One of the main advantages of Business Aviation is the chance of a round-trip to your destination in one day, or even in half a day. Since the plane and the crew are entirely at your service, you will even be able to make 2 or 3 stops in France or in Europe in the same day. With AB Corporate Aviation, you leave in the morning, you get quietly to the airport 20 minutes before the scheduled takeoff, and if you have been caught in a traffic jam, the plane waits for you. For the return, if you are early, you will be able to take off before the scheduled time. You get to your destination fresh and relaxed, in the plane you have been working or have taken a rest, and you go back in the evening with the possibility to return to your office if necessary, or to go directly home. And also, you can take with you collaborators or customers, because being away from their work place for one day is not a problem. It won't cost you more!

Benefits to rent an Air taxi shown in this episode

No flights, but there is AB Corporate Aviation.

With the regular flights, the timetables are imposed, you undergo annoying controls, you risk overbooking, and you are obliged to get there at least 45 minutes before takeoff to avoid overbooking, when it is not 2 or 3 hours in advance on some destinations. If to avoid this kind of inconvenience, you consider traveling in business class or in 1st class, first consult us. You will realize that our prices are quite competitive, with a bonus at AB Corporate Aviation: a plane on time, the plane you want, a crew at your complete disposal, and a confidential flight in all, safe from indiscreet looks.

Benefits of Air taxi charter flight presented in this episode

Is is even easier than booking a train ticket!

And not necessarily more expensive! Let's take a look at a concrete case together. Starting from Paris,you need to take 5 to 15 people for a trip around Cambridge to visit two interesting sites for a project. One option is to travel on the Eurostar or a commercial aviation company. In this case, you must pass through London, and then take a bus or a train to arrive to your destination. You should leave therefore the evening before, sleep there, and the following day, you will hardly arrange more than two hours on each site, because you must take the bus then the regular plane or the train to go back. With AB CORPORATE Aviation, you leave quietly in the morning, 1 hour and 20 minutes after, you arrive at Cambridge. You have all day to visit, and you leave at the hour that pleases you. If you must remain longer, a simple telephone call and your takeoff will be delayed the necessary time. How flexible! The two solutions have the same cost. Up to you to see if you prefer to lose one afternoon and one night, visit in a hurry, and be stressed all the day by fear of missing the train or the plane.

On top, you choose your own timetable, your stops and the people on board.

The choice of the timetables is a determining factor. Need to adjust your timetables according to your appointments or to take off in a hurry to take a breakdown team on a sensitive site or a television team for an unexpected event? You will always find at AB Corporate Aviation the suitable answer. According to your precise need and your priorities, you will be able to determine an optimal itinerary and choose the airport closest to each of your destinations. On each of your journeys, you will have with you the people that you will have chosen, collaborators or clients; you will be able to speak to them far from indiscreet ears. What a remarkable way to profit from your flight!

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

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