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Business or pleasure: enjoy your time! by Business Jet

AB Corporate Aviation presents a Business Jet charter flight in Europe told as a comic.

  • Charter a Business Jet for your business travel, you choose a mode of transportation that accommodates your needs and constraints, not the other way around.
  • This makes it easier for you to balance your personal life and your busy work schedules, even if you travel a lot, by changing the way you organize your trips with AB Corporate Aviation.

By reading this episode "Business or pleasure: enjoy your time!” you will find out the many advantages to charter Business Jets.

Benefits of an ad hoc Business Jet charter flight shown in this episode

And how much does that folly come to?

A lot less than you might think. Renting a business jet is not a folly: it's affordable and above all, profitable! Because we adapt to your schedule and constraints, traveling by business jet lets you increase your productivity and that of your colleagues by saving precious time. Your time is limited, you've got a hectic schedule, and you have to manage quick trips and high efficiency: renting a private jet is not a superfluous luxury. With AB Corporate Aviation, a private jet and the quality of service that goes with it enables you first and foremost to manage your time: you organize your schedule and choose your flight times; you get straight to the point. With comfort as an added bonus. You also avoid the numerous expenses linked to traditional travel. By calculating what a trip truly costs: the cost of your work time and that of your colleagues; transportation costs (Business class flights to one or several cities in Europe); the cost of taxis and transfers; nights in hotels and restaurant costs (and if there are six or seven of you, or more...); All in all, a private jet offers real savings in time and money. Compare! Don't hesitate to speak to us about your projects. We will work out the best solutions together.

Benefits to rent a Business Jet shown in this episode

But rather what that jet has just helped me gain!

Competition is fierce; run circles around it. Be where the action is first; it's easy: we are available 24/7. You'll discover our efficiency: With AB Corporate Aviation, you travel without any constraints. It's up to you to set your itinerary: there is a whole host of airports not serviced by regular airlines; that allows you to land closer to your meeting destinations. You'll find peace of mind: We fly direct, no useless connecting flights. Our tailor-made solutions correspond to your needs: you won't be subjected to the unknowns of commercial flights, schedules that don't match your time constraints, flights that are delayed or canceled, overbooking, strikes, waiting for luggage. And it'll pay off: Because being first to the action helps you win. You are facing stiff competition. Your success depends on your presence at meeting venues. By renting a private jet, you are able to be quicker than your competitors! Traveling with AB Corporate Aviation is calling on a professional and competent team that is constantly available, ready to advise and serve you.

Easy Gunther! By traveling round trip to Cologne in 3 hours.

Hours waiting to check in for commercial airline flights, wasted downtime, shifted schedules, carry-on luggage restrictions: is that compatible with what's at stake during your trip? With AB Corporate Aviation, you can make a roundtrip in the time often required to go one way with commercial airlines. Whatever your constraints and your destinations, contact us! On regular commercial flights, you need to muster all your patience to make the trip. Very frequently, for a meeting that lasts a few hours, the schedules imposed by the airline cause you to have to spend an entire day at your meeting venue, or even to spend the night. Safety regulations and restrictions on luggage are increasingly stringent. Today, carry-on luggage is being put into question on commercial flights. With AB Corporate Aviation, you can set your schedule, your private jet will be waiting for you and is at your beckon call. Boarding is immediate, no waiting in lines, you have direct access to the plane; there are no luggage restrictions: you can carry your laptop and work during your flight in peace and in privacy, and your luggage makes the trip with you. You can prepare for your appointments and hold a meeting with your team away from eavesdroppers, as if you were in your office. Schedule changes, even a few minutes before departure, are possible at no extra charge, for example to: take off later; add another passenger; You simply have to contact AB Corporate Aviation's team. The procedure is really easy: you order a flight and AB Corporate Aviation takes care of the rest; you don't even have to worry about the tickets.

Benefits to charter a Business Jet presented in this episode

And now, after slidding by the office, I’m taking off again to arrive on time to celebrate my wedding anniversary.

AB Corporate Aviation helps you manage your professional schedule without neglecting important moments in your private life. Your business trip only lasts the time that you want it to; you can return the same day and avoid an undesired night away, far from your family, and that would cut the next day short whether that be for business or pleasure. At AB Corporate Aviation, we are attentive to the smallest details. Our team goes the extra mile so that your professional and private commitments are met in the best conditions; and we offer you the best suited aircraft for your mission. What a pleasure to finish a day having accomplished all your tasks. Your private plane will be waiting for you to take you back home without waiting in lines or wasting time. AB Corporate Aviation's team carries out systematic real-time flight tracking that allows your transfer by private car or taxi to be organized upon your arrival. To meet all of your needs, we offer a wide selection of business aircraft at very competitive prices: a twin turbo jet ideal for flights in France and Europe to the Airbus Corporate Jetliner equipped for large scale public relations operations, without forgetting long-haul business jets that put the whole world within reach and a helicopter that is perfectly suited for short trips going “door-to-door”.

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

Discover other customer advantages of Business Jets Charter

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : But, Pierre told me that you were in Zagreb this morning. Explain things to me! Reply : See a bigger picture than your diary! With AB Corporate Aviation, you adapt your schedule hour by hour depending on each priority: inaugurations and kick-offs the signing of strategic contracts a top management tour financial road shows site visits … … as if your days lasted more than 24 hours. Extra time to react, invest and take advantage of all opportunities. Choosing business jet rentals with AB Corporate Aviation is a breath of fresh air in a new era of undertaking projects. It's adopting alternative solutions to reach more objectives on a daily basis. You take off at the selected time; you return on the same day when traveling in Europe, while eliminating the stress and hassle of waiting. Envision all of your activities on a large scale!

    Fly - fishing for new contracts!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : He’ll see that at the last minute, eithet at 2 or 6pm. But with no waiting and no chance of running into our competitors at the airport. Reply : You schedule is hard to set? We adapt. Your meeting ends earlier than planned? No lost time, we'll move your time of departure forward. Stuck in traffic? No stress, or missed flights, or stays overnight on site. Our business aircraft will wait for you. It is at your disposal and AB Corporate Aviation's team manages take-off times based on your schedule. You board through a special terminal, with simplified formalities, no waiting. In the private lounge, and inside the plane made available by AB Corporate Aviation, you feel at home, with the people you have chosen to be with. You can relax or work in total confidentiality. As for your competitors, you won't run into them. You'll be landing while they'll still be back at the check-in counter with the other passengers for the regular commercial flights. All the others! Topic 2 : And not expensive. Reply : Time is money. AB Corporate Aviation is a tool at your disposal to save time. A lot of time. So, money, lot's of money. It's logical: no subscription, no direct interest, no need to be a shareholder. You just need to make a call. Try it! It doesn't cost anything and it can pay off in a big way.

    Winning across the board!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : What Sandrine? Browikz and Filkenstein signed with our competitor, Jack Goodplan! Reply : It's not because everyone else is standing back and waiting that you should slow down! Exactly the opposite! You always want to be a step ahead of your competition: traveling faster than them is a priority. Thanks to the experts at AB Corporate Aviation, you'll get to your destination quickly and you'll be able to devote the time and attention to your customers that they deserve. In other words, you occupy the field and win the day. With our business aircraft, you can develop your business, reach new markets and be close to your customers.

    Fly past the crisis!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : And all in the same day! Reply : AB Corporate Aviation enables you to reach several destinations in France or in Europe in the same day, without any connecting flights, whether it be in large cities or remote locations. Thanks to the many airports available, you land close to your final destination. With AB Corporate Aviation, you choose your own schedule and destinations. And it's easy! All you need to do is to give us your schedule and tell us what your constraints are; no matter how complex, we adapt to your plans. Press relations, customer calls, subsidiaries, etc. We take care of the whole trip; you don't have to worry about schedules, reservations or your luggage. You won't be subjected to long hours of waiting or the minutiae of check-in and boarding. You can stay focused on the objectives of your trip. Thanks to AB Corporate Aviation's flexibility and reactivity, there's no need to be away for two days for an appointment of a few hours or less. And while typical long-haul flights would take you 4 or 5 days, AB Corporate Aviation can reduce this time to 2 or 3 days. This leaves you more time in the office or with your family. With stopovers, if you are late, the plane will wait for you, just like a taxi! On the other hand, you can bring your departure time forward if your meeting was shorter than planned. You only spend the time you want or need on site. You're not dependent on a plane, it's rather the plane which is at your beckon call; what a comfortable change! You save on car rentals and nights spent in hotels. Your flight time is no longer downtime. You can take advantage of it to relax, work in total confidentiality and enjoy your meals served with the quality of service found at the best restaurants. What's more, you'll no longer fear increasing your travel because with AB Corporate Aviation, it is optimized. Your clients and partners will be grateful to you. And you'll see that your travel budget will not increase. It is even probable that it may decrease.

    We make it easy!

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