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Fly past the crisis! by Business Jet

Read below a Business Jet charter flight at AB Corporate Aviation told as a comic.

  • The cost of renting a Business Jet is negligible when you look at the contracts you win with your responsiveness and speed.
  • Travel in record time and get ahead of the competition even in times of crisis with AB Corporate Aviation Business Jets charter.

More information about the benefits of Business Jet charter flights by reading this episode "Fly past the crisis!"

Benefits to rent a VIP Business Jet shown in this episode

What Sandrine? Browikz and Filkenstein signed with our competitor, Jack Goodplan!

It's not because everyone else is standing back and waiting that you should slow down! Exactly the opposite! You always want to be a step ahead of your competition: traveling faster than them is a priority. Thanks to the experts at AB Corporate Aviation, you'll get to your destination quickly and you'll be able to devote the time and attention to your customers that they deserve. In other words, you occupy the field and win the day. With our business aircraft, you can develop your business, reach new markets and be close to your customers.

Benefits of an ad hoc Business Jet flight shown in this episode

Here we go, taking off 1 hour early like Jack Goodplan requested. And now?

With AB Corporate Aviation, you can change your flight times up to the last minute, even en route. If your meeting lasts longer than planned, no worries, our plane will be at your disposal and waiting for you. Or, to the contrary, like in Jack Goodplan's case, your meeting ends early? Our experts react immediately and adapt: you'll be able to fly back home earlier. No useless waiting. Your time is optimized. On board, in the plane's privacy, you can prepare your meetings alone or with your team. You can also save on undesired nights over in hotels. Back at home, you can devote your time to other professional engagements or even go back home early to take advantage of your family. With AB Corporate Aviation you enjoy an exceptional tool for mobility and you increase your productivity: you travel "tailor-made".

Benefits to charter a Business Jet flight presented in this episode

I would never have believed that we could chain together Rimini, Osijek and Breme so easily.

With AB Corporate Aviation, Jack pulls off trips that he never would have been able to make as quickly on a commercial flight. Having meetings in several cities and returning back to your office on the same day becomes possible. The plane reserved by Jack can in fact land at a large number of airports, even those not served by regular commercial airlines: in total, more than 2,200 in Europe and more than 6,000 in the world! That means 10 times more than commercial flights! And without passing through those painful tiring hubs. Boarding formalities are quick and simplified; you save time and can devote yourself to your objectives more efficiently. In addition, Jack's plane is at his disposal, avoiding connecting flights and long waits, and giving him incomparable freedom in his action. AB Corporate Aviation’s efficiency gives Jack peace of mind, allowing him to focus completely on his objectives. Thanks to AB Corporate Aviation, you can "do more" and "do it faster".

At an affordable price as well. You only pay for the trip necessary, no other engagements, tailor-made.

For Jack, trips with AB Corporate Aviation are profitable. He only pays for the flights made and nothing more. At AB Corporate Aviation, you only have to call and our team of experts will provide you with a complete estimate with no surprises. We don't ask you to purchase a subscription, part ownership or a time-share quota. You enjoy the use of a private jet without suffering the disadvantages or the costs of total or partial ownership of a plane, and with no investments. It is a competitive and economical formula offering total flexibility. Truly tailor-made. Thanks to AB Corporate Aviation, you save money.

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

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