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Immediate boarding by Private Jet

Here is a Private Jet charter flight written as a comic.

  • When your schedule is tight, time management is a priority! Charter a Private Jet for your business trips or for your personal travel, you are free of delays and waiting times.
  • AB Corporate Aviation's team of experts will also advise you on which airport is closest to your final destination.

Find out the benefits to charter a Private Jet by reading this reading this episode "Immediate boarding!"

Benefits of an ad hoc private Jet charter flight shown in this episode

Benefits to rent a private Jet shown in this episode

Our plane is ready, we board immediatle.

Your planning is done! AB Corporate Aviation's business airplanes are at your personal service, ready to depart at the hour of your choice. With us, you can fly without delay, without corresponding flights and with discretion, to more than 6600 airports worldwide, even those not served by commercial airlines. Therefore, you won't lose any more time in transit or transfer : you depart from the closest airport to you and fly directly to your final destination. Choosing AB Corporate Aviation is to choose the most efficient use of your time: no need to work around the constraints imposed by regular airlines. You make your schedule as you want it and organise your travel according to your needs. We respect your plans : ready on time, we adapt to your obligations because it's our job! Travelling with AB Corporate Aviation optimises your voyage by insuring efficiency: your airplane waits for you at the arranged hour, avoiding needless delay and nights spent in a hotel. With AB Corporate Aviation's private flights, the formalities are simple and brief compared with the crowds and the long, tedious constraints of large airports. You arrive just a few minutes before your flights departure and you take off without waiting. Whether the journey is simple or complex, anywhere in France, Europe or the entire world, we offer you the optimal conditions in punctuality, comfort and security.

Enough time to lunch and to prepair our meeting and we’ll arrive!

Take advantage of the decision! In addition to efficiency and comfort, AB Corporate Aviation's airplanes offer a level of prestige. Whatever you require, AB Corporate Aviation offers you an airplane adapted to your needs and takes care of all the complimentary services. Without the additional worry of catering or organisation, you can direct your full attention to your personal concerns. Your transport time becomes an opportune moment to invite your clients or associates into an atmosphere of privilege. It can be used effectively to dine, to hold a strategic meeting in all confidentiality or to calmly prepare for an appointment. On board, your privacy is entirely respected : only those whom you have chosen to accompany you will travel - clients, associates and guests. Able to work with all discretion, you arrive at your destination fresh and alert, without the additional stress of the constraints imposed by commercial airlines. Whether it's an operation of public relations, visits to the factory or the decentralization site, all your travels with AB Corporate Aviation are completely personalized and communicate the prestigious image of your enterprise. Choosing AB Corporate Aviation means to go where your competitor has never gone, to be in the right place at the right time, to be available to better accommodate your clientele.

Benefits to charter a private Jet presented in this episode

Hello? AB Corporate Aviation? Need to pop into Paderborn, a meeting in a private lounge at the airport, in 1 hour, OK?

Your requirements are ours! An unexpected appointment ? An unforeseen or urgent trip ? Your business develops quickly and you require rapid action. In choosing AB Corporate Aviation, you have chosen the leader in business travel. Our “a la carte” solutions correspond with your needs : no need to further endure the hazards of commercial flights, inconvenient schedules, delayed or cancelled flights, overbooking. In one day, you can plan visits to numerous destinations in Europe, even those not serviced by commercial airlines. One of our appointments has been delayed or moved ; no problem ! the efficiency and flexibility of AB Corporate Aviation's teams enables you to adapt the initial flight schedule to your professional requirements or to modify the pre arranged route, even at the last minute. This way you can concentrate on your affairs and rely entirely on us to manage your unexpected change of plans. Travelling with AB Corporate Aviation enables you to go where you need according to your agenda, with a price often comparable to that of a business class ticket on a commercial airline and with full security. AB Corporate Aviation's flights are carried out according to transport's regulations in conformity with the legislation and authority of the Minister of Transportation and his international counterparts. The Minister of Transportation keeps constant watch over the usage and maintenance of airplanes, providing a guaranteed level of high security and insurance coverage equitable to that of commercial airlines.

The helicopter is here, you will be home in time for your son’s birthday.

Profit from the extra time! At AB Corporate Aviation, we understand that your time is a top priority. Enabling you to fully benefit from the regained time, and to preserve flexibility by allowing you to organize your voyage as you require it, is among our company's primary concerns. When your professional engagements have ended, your airplane is waiting for you, ready for departure so that you need not spend any extra time away. Your business engagements are fulfilled and you have the extra time to send among family and friends. With an AB Corporate Aviation business airplane, you add precious hours to your day. But upon your arrival, don't lose the time regained ! AB Corporate Aviation's team can further facilitate your journey after you disembark from the airplane. In order to achieve your final destination, we can arrange for the means of transportation of your choice : helicopter, limousine, taxi or rental car. The time regained with AB Corporate Aviation can be devoted to other activities, to spending time with your family and to pursuing your personal interests. Under competitive conditions, we offer the best there is. Corresponding to all you needs, we offer a fleet of business airplanes ranging from 4 to 400 seats: from a bi-turbojet ideal for flights within France and Europe to a Corporate Airbus designed for the wide-ranging demands of public relations ; and don't forget about the tri-reactor intercontinental that puts the world at your doorstep or the helicopter perfectly adapted to yours short “door to door” trips.

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

Discover other customer advantages of Private Jets Charter

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : It’s going to be a day trip, Madame Dorval has a dinner party at her house that evening. Reply : What might be impossible to envisage with normal means of transportation becomes reality with AB Corporate Aviation. Why? Simply because you don’t have to adjust to pre-established schedules and destinations. You decide when you take off, your itinerary (you can choose the closest airport to your meeting point) and the ideal time to make the return trip. You therefore minimize the time lost traveling, which, like in our story, allows you to be in Copenhagen in the morning and in Paris at a dinner party in the evening to welcome your guests. Topic 2 : She never travels without her dog! Reply : Dogs and cats are welcome on our flights. You simply need to inform us of this when making your reservations and we’ll make sure that your companion is comfortably in place, near you on board. Your pet must have valid vaccination, health certificates, entry permits and any other documents required for your trip.

    Back on top of time management!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : Great, they have the solution for us, they are incredible! Reply : First of all, we are available at anytime, day or night, a professional can answer you 24/7. He will listen and analyze your needs in every detail. Whether you have clients or operations in France, in Europe or the World... Whether you need to fly on a regular basis or every now and then... You also want to fly and not worry. You want an airplane to be ready for take off at your convenience and come back right after the end of your appointments, to fit your needs. You are convinced that time is the most essential resource for you and your partners. Whether you want to use your flying time for work in a pleasant atmosphere or share a relaxing moment with your management team or simply rest. Your experience of regular airlines is far from satisfying all your needs. It is your right to travel safely. The development of your company will eventually rely on core values such as productivity, efficiency, reliability, and the quality of service. You can find the solution to your travel needs with AB Corporate Aviation, the specialist in corporate flights. We share the same values, we also have great respect for our clients and our ambition is simply to make you happy with our services. Don't hesitate to contact us, you won't regret it! With AB Corporate Aviation, you take off with a peaceful mind.

    So easy with AB Corporate Aviation!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : This evening? But, Brodzki is … Reply : To clinch a deal with a faraway customer, there are only two options. Option 1: “It's not next door, it's not very easy, it can take time, maybe we can handle the deal by phone…” It's a good option for not converting a prospect, or even for losing a customer. And then there is option 2. A call to AB Corporate Aviation and “your” plane is ready for takeoff. No waiting, no connecting flights, no stress and… time to prepare the dossier and cover in-flight debriefing. Topic 2 : Don’t tell me you’ve got your own plane? Reply : Let's be serious. I don't have my own plane because I don't have only one type of need and I want to be free to choose. And, don't forget, I am a businessman who wants to grow his business, but first and foremost, I am a savvy manager. And to manage our business travel, I made the choice a long time ago: AB Corporate Aviation. I call them when I need to travel: they advise me and offer the plane the most well suited to my needs. It's efficient and profitable.

    Nothing can replace your being there!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : A soft landing ... AH! The treasure is mine! Reply : A soft landing, ah, the treasure is mine! Be first, beat the competition, save time, sign the nicest contracts … You haven't changed, nor have the rules of the game. Be the fastest: A roundtrip day or half day in France or in Europe? A car parked in front of the departure terminal, personalized welcome, no waiting, simplified formalities, your plane waits on you, you board. Immediate takeoff for the airport nearest your destination; Be the best prepared: Winning a competition means being well prepared. In the plane, alone or with your team, you can finalize plans in a private and relaxed atmosphere. You arrive ready for action, in top form and incredibly efficient. Get the best team: The best team is one that is competent and available, on call 24/7, and that gives you the most well-suited solution to your needs, and the most profitable; one that follows the unfolding of operations to optimize each phase of your trip. You have chosen the AB CORPORATE AVIATION team. For more than 20 years, we have been helping you to win; and that is a real thrill for us.

    You’ve always liked winning!

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  • Happy new year 2019, Private Jet

    Happy new year 2019

  • Immediate take off to 2018, Private Jet

    Immediate take off to 2018

  • Time is money, Private Jet

    Time is money

  • Follow the right runway, Private Jet

    Follow the right runway

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