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The solution: a business aircraft at your beckon call! by Business Aircraft

Here is an ad hoc Business Aircraft charter flight told as a comic.

  • Thanks to the advantages of a Business Aircraft charter flight, this executive leader was able to add to his already busy schedule a new appointment in a geographically remote location without giving up his other imperatives.
  • By reading this illustrated episode "The solution: a business aircraft at your beckon call!" no doubt you will remember important moments in your professional life when you could have enjoyed the benefits of charter a Business Aircraft.
  • Arriving refreshed and ready at each of your appointments is also a major asset.

Because nothing can replace your on-site presence, charter a Business Aircraft at AB Corporate Aviation allows you to easily make your business trips.

Advantages of a VIP Business Aircraft charter flight presented in this episode

Thursday? Darn it, I have a “Strategy” meeting in Poitiers, 3 hours on site minimum.

No manager has the time to make all the business meetings and visits that he would like to. But before forgoing an important meeting, think about private air charter flights: when your presence is necessary, AB Corporate Aviation’s efficiency no longer needs proving to get you there. A private aircraft charter at your disposal In this cartoon, Alain already has a full schedule; nevertheless, he manages to participate in two important and geographically separated appointments in the same day thanks to our help… two successes: his presence on site is completely worthwhile. In fact, with AB Corporate Aviation, he chooses his own departure times and determines the flight plan: private aircraft charter adapts to his needs. Private aircraft charter with AB Corporate Aviation: a means of transportation adapted to your imperatives. AB Corporate Aviation offers private aircraft charter flights at affordable and competitive prices.

Yea, and we’ll only know on Wednesday whether it’s going to be Catherine or Charles.

Selecting your passengers up to the last minute, for organizational reasons, is also one of the essential advantages of business air charter flights. The teams at AB Corporate Aviation are at your disposal up to the last instant to check in the people accompanying you (*). The formalities are reduced to the strict minimum in order to make your travel as peaceful as possible. (*) Passengers must carry the documents required by authorities (valid ID, visas...). AB Corporate Aviation and you: a winning team, a truly immediate boarding. Business air charter flights with AB Corporate Aviation at affordable and competitive prices.

Advantages to book a Business Aircraft charter flight presented in this episode

Hello Alain? I’ll drop by and pick you up after Catherine, and Thierry, another expert, will meet us at Le Bourget.

Less than an hour between leaving home or the office and takeoff… no lost time through the formalities or constraints linked to regular commercial flights. In addition, our private jet charter flights are direct without stopovers: there again, AB Corporate Aviation helps you to save time… your essential resource. With AB Corporate Aviation, you board your private jet directly: a practical and operational transportation solution. AB Corporate Aviation offers private jet charter flights at affordable and competitive prices.

Advantages to charter a Business Aircraft shown in this episode

What about the other 2? They’re returning to Paris on a commercial flight. Sorry we are late but we signed the contract.

With private aircraft charter flights, it is the private aircraft that meets your requirements and adapts to your constraints. AB Corporate Aviation and its team of experts are available 24/7 to monitor the smooth running of your pour private aircraft charter flight and to accompany you to help you to solve unforeseen changes. AB Corporate Aviation offers you a boost for your morale and gives you real peace of mind to focus on your business. In the true story told in this cartoon, our clients’ meeting ran overtime and AB Corporate Aviation modified the subsequent flight plan. The reactivity of our teams re-enforced our clients’ efficiency on site. Private aircraft charter flights with AB Corporate Aviation: reactivity and flexibility guaranteed, at the service of your success. AB Corporate Aviation offers private aircraft charter flights at affordable and competitive prices.

Super, just the time we needed for our debriefing, and to prepare my “Strategy” meeting.

Time devoted to transportation is generally downtime. When charter an air-taxi, boarding times are reduced to the minimum and in-flight time is optimized. The private air-taxi then becomes a flying office conducive to meetings and the preparation of strategic appointments. A meeting held on board of a private air-taxi that you have just boarded allows you to take advantage of a naturally friendly and appropriately laid out work space. The closeness and confidentiality of a private charter flight enables you to converse with your partners and colleagues, to assess the situation on hot topics, to plan the organization of the next step or simply to relax. Re-enforce your productivity thanks to business aviation; from a practical point of view, the air taxi flight enables an obvious gain in productivity and efficiency, your management teams will no longer be wasting time in airport terminals. They can focus completely on the day’s missions. Yet another good reason to charter an air-taxi with AB Corporate Aviation for your next business trip. Air-taxi charter flights with AB Corporate Aviation at affordable and competitive prices.

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