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Boeing 757, Airliner available for charter

A long-haul jumbo jet, the Boeing 757 is an excellent choice for all of your large scale operations: a press trip to New York, an international tour, an incentive event in Dubai, etc… we will make this beautiful, high-performance aircraft available for you at the time and place of your choice. No set schedules, airport formalities are reduced to the strict minimum, a personalized welcome for each of the passengers, a trip in grand conviviality. You’ll save time for your program and your guests will be enchanted.

Airliners Charters

231 maximum passengers
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Sketch of the cabin section showing the height available for a passenger of Boeing 757, available for private jet charter with a Airliner
B757 flying
B757 interior
B757 flying
B757 interior
Archive photos. Indicative description non contractual.

Specifications of the Airliner Boeing 757

Commercial airliner cabin seating

Twin engine jet

cubic feet ( m3)

200 to 231 passengers maximum

Performances of the Airliner Boeing 757

460 kts (850 km/h)

255 000 lbs (115 680 kg)

3 900 nm (7 200 km)

39 400 ft (12 000 m)

Dimensions of the Airliner Boeing 757

7 ft 4 in (2,25 m)

11 ft 7 in (3,50 m)

155 ft 3 in (47,32 m)

44 ft 6 in (13,60 m)

124 ft 1 in (38,05 m)

* The interior configuration and capacity may vary depending of the aircraft.

Airliners Charters

231 maximum passengers
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Your Private Jet Charter is only for you:

  • Exclusive: not shared with other passengers
  • Personalized
  • Profitable
  • A la carte schedules …

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