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Find below an airliner charter flight at AB Corporate Aviation as a comic.

  • Distinguish yourself! Nothing replaces a site visit to present a product to your prospects and clients.
  • Rent an airliner ad hoc flight, take them aboard and develop a relationship they will not forget.

Find out the benefits to book an airliner charter flight by reading this episode "Build loyalty: Captivate your customers!"

Benefits to rent an airliner ad hoc flight shown in this episode

Some of the customers and suppliers that we have in common still talk to me about it like their first baptism.

Airliner charter flights, through the organization of private trips, is naturally a high-impact tool. As a creator of emotions and memories, it comforts the position of dynamic companies. Ad hoc Airliner charter , a customer relations tool. In addition to the natural flexibility of a customized flight, you organize your work day the way you want. You choose the airports for departure and arrival, the services that you desire; the experts at AB Corporate Aviation are there to meet your needs and facilitate the unfolding of your trip. That gives you time to focus on your guests. Between presentations and meetings, you convey clear messages and grab the attention of all of your guests during a most unforgettable day. Benefitting from a privileged VIP status, your customers, prospects, managers and sales teams immediately understand that they are important in your eyes. Consequently, you build long-lasting loyalty through a rare and intense moment.

Benefits of a Private Jet charter flight shown in this episode

Well, it began with a meeting at ‘Le Bourget’ airport at the time chosen with 5 customers, 5 prospects and my sales team.

If our story begins at ‘Le Bourget’ airport, you can choose the airport of your choice yourself and thus benefit from a network of destinations much larger than that of ordinary commercial airlines. Between the moment that your guests leave their office or residence until takeoff, less than an hour will have elapsed. The time savings is permanent. Your guests join you and benefit from a welcome generally reserved for celebrities. The passenger list can even change up until departure. Pre-departure stress is long gone; the formalities are straightforward and simplified. They only take a few minutes. Private Jet travel is at the service of winning strategies. Boarding time is an ideal moment for the host organizer to present the day’s agenda. The General Manager or another executive presents the company and the highlights of the day. Then a privileged day for you and your guests begins throughout which, key relationships can be forged. A study retreat, a company visit, a tour, team building… the flight and destinations will have been clearly defined with our teams. The entire trip for you and your guests will be taken care of until your return. Technical accomplices for the day, the teams at AB Corporate Aviation will do their utmost to enable you to optimize the human and relational impact of your flight. Your notoriety will take off with you!

Benefits to rent a Private Jet charter flight presented in this episode

Hello AB Corporate Aviation? Can we push the departure back by an hour?

A change in schedule, a postponement in the unfolding of your program… is the signing of an important contract at stake? Our expertise in Private Jets charter travels enables us to take into account schedule modifications and to adapt ourselves to your guests’ particular needs. Private jet travel: a flexible and operational means of travel! The advantage of relying on AB Corporate Aviation’s services is clearly found in the liberty, flexibility and simplicity of your trips and tours. Our teams are at your side from the beginning to the end of your flight. 24/7, 365 days a year; they put their reactivity at your service and adapt easily to all situations. Changes in your agenda and your imperatives, the reservation of a taxi or limousine upon arrival, we implement a wide range of service options that make Private Jet travel a reactive and high-performance means of transportation.

And we returned to ‘Le Bourget’ with delighted customers, prospects that we’d won over, a motivated sales team and promises for some new deals.

You know how important it can be to inform and build loyalty amongst your experts, financial partners and customers. The organization of a key moment, a high-impact event, can have far-reaching repercussions on your organization or business activities. Private Jet charter travel, a direct flight to success. Like in Bernard’s case, we make the means available for you to carry out a prestigious trip perfectly adapted to your communication imperatives. Your prospects, guests and customers are catered to and benefit from treatment usually reserved for celebrities. Transported directly to the venue of your choice, they’ll be particularly attentive to your messages and will thank you for having let them share with you in an important moment in the life of your company. You will discover for yourself that the leasing of a private jet is an operation that fits into an affordable and controlled budget and responds perfectly to the profitability imperatives of your communications operations. You help your customers and prospects to save time by avoiding useless and time-consuming commercial travel. You optimize your day while also saving on unnecessary nights over in hotels, with the added advantage of the certainty of having permanently strengthened your image. And all of that thanks to the expertise of the teams at AB Corporate Aviation.

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

Discover other customer advantages of Airliners Charter

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : This evening? But, Brodzki is … Reply : To clinch a deal with a faraway customer, there are only two options. Option 1: “It's not next door, it's not very easy, it can take time, maybe we can handle the deal by phone…” It's a good option for not converting a prospect, or even for losing a customer. And then there is option 2. A call to AB Corporate Aviation and “your” plane is ready for takeoff. No waiting, no connecting flights, no stress and… time to prepare the dossier and cover in-flight debriefing. Topic 2 : Don’t tell me you’ve got your own plane? Reply : Let's be serious. I don't have my own plane because I don't have only one type of need and I want to be free to choose. And, don't forget, I am a businessman who wants to grow his business, but first and foremost, I am a savvy manager. And to manage our business travel, I made the choice a long time ago: AB Corporate Aviation. I call them when I need to travel: they advise me and offer the plane the most well suited to my needs. It's efficient and profitable.

    Nothing can replace your being there!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : It’s going to be a day trip, Madame Dorval has a dinner party at her house that evening. Reply : What might be impossible to envisage with normal means of transportation becomes reality with AB Corporate Aviation. Why? Simply because you don’t have to adjust to pre-established schedules and destinations. You decide when you take off, your itinerary (you can choose the closest airport to your meeting point) and the ideal time to make the return trip. You therefore minimize the time lost traveling, which, like in our story, allows you to be in Copenhagen in the morning and in Paris at a dinner party in the evening to welcome your guests. Topic 2 : She never travels without her dog! Reply : Dogs and cats are welcome on our flights. You simply need to inform us of this when making your reservations and we’ll make sure that your companion is comfortably in place, near you on board. Your pet must have valid vaccination, health certificates, entry permits and any other documents required for your trip.

    Back on top of time management!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : Reply :

    Immediate boarding

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : A soft landing ... AH! The treasure is mine! Reply : A soft landing, ah, the treasure is mine! Be first, beat the competition, save time, sign the nicest contracts … You haven't changed, nor have the rules of the game. Be the fastest: A roundtrip day or half day in France or in Europe? A car parked in front of the departure terminal, personalized welcome, no waiting, simplified formalities, your plane waits on you, you board. Immediate takeoff for the airport nearest your destination; Be the best prepared: Winning a competition means being well prepared. In the plane, alone or with your team, you can finalize plans in a private and relaxed atmosphere. You arrive ready for action, in top form and incredibly efficient. Get the best team: The best team is one that is competent and available, on call 24/7, and that gives you the most well-suited solution to your needs, and the most profitable; one that follows the unfolding of operations to optimize each phase of your trip. You have chosen the AB CORPORATE AVIATION team. For more than 20 years, we have been helping you to win; and that is a real thrill for us.

    You’ve always liked winning!

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