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Three days european roadshow by Private Aircraft

Here is an AB Corporate Aviation Private Aircraftcharter flight told as a comic.

  • Earn several days, easily realize a road show to visit your sites or factories in France and in Europe by charter a private aircraft, accompanied by the people you have chosen: your customers, your employees and your guests
  • Set your schedules, define your destinations, without any other constraints than your imperatives.

Reading this episode "Three days european roadshow!” you will find out the advantages of charter a Private Aircraft.

Advantages to charter a Private Aircraft flight shown in this episode

Advantages to rent a Private Aircraft charter flight presented in this episode

7...8, everybody’s here, anybody for another cup of coffee?

Three days European roadshow! Ready ? Let's go ! AB Corporate Aviation business aircraft are at your private disposal, ready to go anytime you want. You will not have to put up with the hassle of regular airlines companies anymore. You schedule your departure times and routings exactly as you wish. Flying with us, it is flying when you need, as you need. We will always stick to your planning: To be on time and adapt to your obligations, it is our job. With us, you will land with no delay, in any airport, with a direct flight and in a total privacy, in one of the 6 600 airports worldwide, even in the ones not available to regular companies flights. You will not lose precious time with waiting for corresponding flights and airport transfers. You take off from the closest place from you and land directly at your final destination. With AB Corporate Aviation private flights, airports procedures are way easier and faster, far from the regular airports crowd and from the usual procedures. You get at the airport just a few minutes before taking off and get off the plane right after landing, with no waiting. Either for basic or combined itineraries, anywhere in France, in Europe or Worldwide, we will serve you the best as for timing, comfort and safety.

Great, now we are just by ourselves: we can talk!

In a total privacy! A plane just for you! With AB Corporate Aviation you combine a total privacy with a great efficiency. The plane is for you and you only. In this intimate environment, your traveling time becomes the perfect opportunity to conduct a strategic and private meeting. It is also the opportunity to welcome your guests and partners in a prestigious environment or quietly prepare an important meeting. While on board, you have a total privacy: the people traveling with you are only the ones you came with, your customers, partners or guests. You work in a private environment, get to your destination completely relaxed, without the stress or the fatigue you would usually get with a regular airline. AB Corporate Aviation will always provide you with the most appropriate executive aircraft and take care of all traveling issues so you can focus on what is really important for you. For your Public Relations events, for visiting a plant or any other sites, AB Corporate Aviation will always customize precisely your flight, so it becomes an efficient communication tool for your company. Choosing AB Corporate Aviation, it's being able to go where your competitors can't go, it's being at the right place at the right time, it's being available for your customers.

Advantages of an on demand Private Aircraft flight shown in this episode

We’ll be 9 on board to Valladolid this evening. What abour our Rodez stop tomorrow?

Customize your itinerary! Europe a la carte! With AB Corporate Aviation, you will be able to stop at many different locations in Europe the same day, even the ones that are not available to regular airlines. We will always offer you customized proposals to match your exact needs: No more last minute unexpected events. Unlike regular airlines, you will not have to put up with inconvenient departure times, late, overbooked or canceled flights. You will save time and we know how valuable your time is. With our private flights, you minimize your transportation time and optimize your efficiency: you can easily go for a European tour in two or three days, instead of five to six days with scheduled flights. Furthermore, you avoid stress, fatigue, and hotel expenses. No more waiting, exhausting transits, and endless procedures. Your private aircraft is ready, waiting for you at the time you chose, and takes you to your final destination in with a direct flight. When traveling with AB Corporate Aviation, you are in control of your transportation. Our staff is flexible and reactive, as we know your business moves fast and you need things to go fast. Additional passengers, unexpected guests ? Just give us their names and we will take care of the rest.

I postponed it for 8 a.m. Take advantage of this to review again your show.

A last minute change? No problem! Your schedule is ours! With AB Corporate Aviation, you go wherever you need, no matter the complexity of your agenda and last minute changes. Your appointments are delayed or postponed? No problem. We will change the original flight time, and will modify the initial routing, even at the last second. After your meetings are over, your aircraft is waiting for you, ready to go so you will not have to spend an extra day on this trip. When you fly with us, you focus on your business issues, and leave the rest to us. Our mission is to take care of everything including the unexpected. At AB Corporate Aviation, our goal is to handle your traveling, doing everything possible to make it the most pleasant and unforgettable moment, while making you save time.

Thanks to AB Corporate Aviation we got a lot done these 3 days, and on top Claudine told me that the fee is very reasonable.

About the cost! Affordable rates! With our private flights, you can travel with prices similar to business class tickets of regular airlines. Plus, you save time, night accommodations, taxi fares, and other daily expenses that you usually have when traveling. A private plane is all benefits, and you too can experience it. You will be nicely surprised and realize you should have thought of it before. To match your exact needs, we offer you a wide range of business aircraft, from 4 to 400 seats. We will always provide you with the most appropriate business aircraft: choose between a twin engine turboprop for your flight within France or Europe, an Airbus Corporate for your big public relations events, an ultra long range business jet to get to any destination in the world, or a helicopter great for short distance trips. For your safety, all our flights have civil aviation agreement for charter flights. Maintenance of aircraft, training of flight crews, as well as the operating of aircraft are strictly governed by the ministry of transport, guaranteeing safety and insurance coverage for all passengers (Warsaw Convention) equivalent to the scheduled airlines.

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

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