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AB Corporate Aviation presents a Private Aircraft charter flight in Europe told as a comic.

  • Took advantage of your Private Aircraft charter flight to hold a business meeting aboard.
  • Charter a Private Private Aircraft for your business trips or for your private travel, confidentiality is guaranteed and you are ready for your appointments upon landing.
  • With AB Corporate Aviation you get all these benefits without the cost of ownership of a Private Aircraft!

Discover the advantages to rent a Private Aircraft by reading this episode "Fast and efficient!"

Advantages of a VIP Private Aircraft charter flight presented in this episode

And you’ve got a heck of a team always on hand to help !

On hand and competent. For us, every single flight is important: For over 20 years now, the AB Corporate Aviation team has been at the ready to help you plan your next flight: advice on planning and schedules; help in choosing the airport that is closest to your meeting; advice on which aircraft to choose; in-flight service; flight preparation; permanent assistance: your passengers are greeted and looked after in private lounges until boarding, flights are tracked and a post-flight report is drawn up; a team that is on hand 24 hours a day. With us, renting a business aircraft is both simple and safe: we fully comply with "Public Passenger Transport" regulations, guaranteeing the safety of each and every one of our passengers; we have the same access to the skies as regular airlines, but boast additional access to hundreds of airports these airlines are unable to serve; our passenger lounges are away from the crowds and opened to suit your schedule. (with all the advantages this brings: travel when your diary allows it, without schedule constraints, and save both time and money).

Advantages to book a Private Aircraft charter flight presented in this episode

Hello sir, your plane and guests are waiting. We are ready for take off.

Take off with peace of mind. A business aircraft just for you, but that's not all! Being greeted personally makes all the difference, be that when you take off or touch down! Everything is organized before you leave: flight times, logistics, use of private lounges for your passengers, as well as fast track hassle-free boarding as soon as your guests are ready. You can make changes to the passenger list, the number of passengers (*) and even your route up until the very last moment: can you imagine doing that on a regular flight?! When you take off, it's with complete peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the flight is permanently tracked by an expert team that is standing by 24 hours a day. You can even make changes to your flight during the trip: schedules, passengers and even the route. (*) Depending on the plane's capacity.

Efficient my trips, Hey, and you know what? It’s not my plane, neithet was tho one we were in yesterday!

No matter what the trip, we've got a plane that'll fit the bill. Respecting your priorities for almost 20 years. All the advantages of a private aircraft, but with neither the cost nor the inconvenience. At AB Corporate Aviation, our efficiency is based on our high level of expertise, allowing us to offer you advice: on the choice of plane, making sure you get the best possible compromise between image, performance and budget; on the duration of your trips: our flight fits in with your schedule and not vice-versa; to eliminate any unnecessary stopovers, accommodation and transfer costs, unlike regular flights; you will always touch down as close as we can possibly get to your final destination, often in one of the thousands of airports in Europe and around the world that regular airlines do not serve; schedules and routes can be adjusted according to your needs; a team is mobilized to ensure that your flight is tracked and accompanied until the moment it arrives; our quotes have no hidden surprises. Everything is included in the initial price given, without additional charges or payments of any sort; there's no need for a subscription, a card, up-front payment or a block purchase and no direct or shared use of planes: you only pay for what you use, thus guaranteeing the lowest possible price.

Advantages to charter a Private Aircraft shown in this episode

For 15 years now, AB Corporate Aviation has been managing my flights according to my needs. It’s a tailor-made solution.

All the advantages of working with true professionals. 15 years of incident-free service! Each flight is organized and prepared with the greatest care, in order to meet your exact requirements, both in terms of time and budget. In the event of an emergency, we can even take off around 2 hours after your order (*)! For each of your flights, we have one or more solutions: almost 20 years of experience means we've got your habits and needs nailed. For our team of professionals, each flight is just as important as the first. Your private flight is never just a form of transport: we are conscious of the fact that each trip you make has high stakes for both yourself and your teams. Our discretion and confidentiality are also greatly appreciated by our customers and passengers. (*) Subject to aircraft availability, required authorizations and weather conditions.

I see and I imagine it’s cheaper than owning the plane.

Affordable and competitive prices. A safe and easy purchase. You may not own the plane, but you fly as though you did, with the option of using a different aircraft each time according to your current requirements -all without the financial investment or the costs. AB Corporate Aviation's private flight tariffs are highly competitive. Add to this the time saved, savings made on overnight stays, taxis and other expenses that come with each day spent on the move, and you'll soon see that private flights offer several clear advantages. Not to mention those hard-to-quantify but often decisive factors that allow you to impress the people you do business with and win their loyalty. With AB Corporate Aviation, quotes have no hidden surprises and are all-inclusive. There are no additional costs or expenses - you simply pay for what you use and no future commitment is made. Without question the most sensible and cost-effective solution invented to date! Booking your flight has never been simpler: Tell the AB Corporate Aviation advisor what you need: dates and times of your flights, route, number of passengers, in-flight service required, type of plane required (if necessary). We will then prepare a quote, fully adapted to the specifics of your trip. Everything will be prepared in time for your departure.

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