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Promises kept! by Private Aircraft

Here is an on-demand Private Aircraft charter flight at AB Corporate Aviation told as a comic.

  • Finally, a journey without loss of time…This is the conclusion of our client who discovers the significant advantages of Charter a Private Aircraft at AB Corporate Aviation.

Find out the many advantages to charter a Private Aircraft by reading this episode "Promises kept!"

Advantages of a business aircraft charter flight shown in this episode

Yea! Give me a breakdown of time lost in travel for the month!

What is the true cost of traveling? Not only the direct cost of tickets but also the financial consequences of extra time spent on your trips …? Waiting in successive lines at the airport, work programs disrupted because of a canceled flight or a strike, the organization and cost of the trip from the main regional airport and the city you are going to, impractical schedules forcing you to stay overnight on site etc. The total amount justifies checking into things twice! Indeed, time is your most precious investment capital. With our Air Taxi in Europe AB Corporate Aviation's role is therefore to spare you the hassles that undermine your ability to pursue more opportunities. So that you are not distracted from your customers and your business because of logistics issues, you just need to tell us your schedule, your destination and the number of passengers. We take care of the rest. So that you can be reactive in the pursuit of business opportunities, we organize your flights 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So that you can finally meet a full schedule, you can depend on a same-day roundtrip in Europe as well as arriving directly where you need to be, and without the unknowns of travel on regular commercial airlines.

Advantages to rent a business aircraft shown in this episode

They promised what again? …Oh yea! A warm welcome!!

Welcoming you is a sign of our consideration for you. At AB Corporate Aviation Air Taxi in Europe, we know how attentive you are regarding your own customers. Knowing that you'll be waited on in a friendly and respectful way, receiving a warm welcome, helps you to be relaxed and to move on to the next negotiations or important projects on the right foot. That's why at AB Corporate Aviation, our welcome goes a lot farther than a polite smile. It's our availability, our know-how and our reactivity that are the best proof of our attentiveness to you. Our welcome is such that everything possible is done so that you can depart and return relaxed, your mind available for your awaiting appointments!

No waiting … availability, that’s know-how and experience!

What do you expect from AB Corporate Aviation? To be able to rely completely on the quality, dependability and professionalism of our business jet services. Our establishment doesn't limit itself to air-travel services, and aims at being a business accelerator for you and your teams. That's why for more than twenty years now, we have focused on availability and efficiency. Being available means being attentive to your needs and offering you advice 24 hours a day. It is also being capable of executing last minute changes as easily as routine operations. Whether it be a passenger running late unannounced, adding another traveler, requesting various on-board services, changing destinations or stop-overs, we meet your unplanned needs. On all these points and others, AB Corporate Aviation offers its know-how and experience. But because this availability wouldn't mean a lot without real efficiency: you leave from a reserved terminal and are not subjected to any waiting, boarding formalities are simplified, in urgent situations, we can take off in just 2 hours after your order *, and during your flight, we carry out real-time monitoring to organize your transfer by taxi or hired cars upon arrival… thereby meeting or exceeding your expectations; we are partners of your success! (*) Air Taxi in Europe subject to the availability of the aircraft, the necessary authorizations and weather conditions.

Advantages to charter a VIP business aircraft presented in this episode

Hello Veronica? … We’re on time here in Krakow … They’re ready for departure as soon as I finish!

Have you already dreamt about your travels, and being able to: Decide on the departure time yourself? * Modify your itinerary at the last minute? Never have to worry about arriving on time? Leave as soon as you want? It is indeed a dream, at least when traveling with regular airlines. But what a plus for your traveling, in terms of opportunities to meet people, take action, kicking-off or finalizing projects! By calling on AB Corporate Aviation, you go from dream to reality. And at the same time, you give yourself the means to act there where your presence is decisive… while making sure that you stay ahead of your competition. AB Corporate Aviation offers you unequaled flexibility in the management of your travel plans since we reply point by point to your own traveling imperatives. Traveling is no longer another constraint that you simply have to cope with like it or not. On the contrary, it becomes a means of action in and of itself, perfectly integrating into the development of your strategy. (*) Air Taxi in Europe subject to the availability of the aircraft, the necessary authorizations and weather conditions.

Hello! Good flight? That’s normal with AB Corporate Aviation! Well done!!

AB Corporate Aviation is known throughout Europe and beyond. 20 years of service certainly help, but we believe that it is also our presence at more than 2,000 European destinations and more than 6,600 worldwide that bolsters our notoriety... We give you access to all international airports as well as secondary airports that you can fly to directly without a stop-over. The other factor for this recognition is that AB Corporate Aviation operates in a truly international way. ‘Le Bourget' airport in Paris, where our headquarters are located, is in no way a mandatory stop-over if you are going for example from Heathrow to Faro. We organize your trips in Europe exactly the way you want and guarantee the same quality of service in every case. That's why you may sometimes be surprised to hear about us in places where you wouldn't be expecting it … In fact, our reputation is built on our uncompromising criteria for flight safety and therefore the professionalism of AB Corporate Aviation in this critical area. Our Air Taxi in Europe safety checks are carried out using regulations for “Public Transportation” in accordance with French legislation and are approved by both the Ministry of Transportation and its foreign counterparts. That means that the maintenance and exploitation of our fleet undergo constant controls by the Ministry of Transportation, which guarantee an optimal level of safety and offer a level of insurance coverage equivalent to that of commercial airlines!

Enjoy a unmatched experience at AB Corporate Aviation

Discover other customer advantages of Private Aircrafts Charter

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Aircraft in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : Reply :

    Three days european roadshow

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Aircraft in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : Even with Lewis Hamilton behind the wheel, with the speed limits, it’d take around 3 hours on the road, without counting the traffic jams, the parking! Reply : Jacques is right: distances, traffic jams, radars, full parking lots … a lot of hassle and lost time. But even if you call on a champion, you risk not getting out of the gates; and that's not your style! So think about your travel plans differently. Get on board with AB Corporate Aviation. Alone or accompanied by a few guests, you'll spend an unforgettable day. Flight plans adjusted for the event, a quick and comfortable Paris-Nevers (around 1 hr.), a transfer at the Nevers airport and a VIP arrival by helicopter on the racetrack. The return unfolds in the same comfortable conditions. With AB Corporate Aviation, what seemed difficult for you, or even impossible becomes realistic and accessible. If your time is precious, if profitability is a major concern for you, and if you consider efficiency as a guiding principle in life, you'll be a winner “on all scores”. And in addition, in the eyes of your guests, you'll seem to be a direct player in the event, which will become a vector of your image and that of your company. To go to Magny Cours or for any other event, alone, with a few guests or for a larger group, AB Corporate Aviation offers you an adapted and profitable solution. With us, you leave on top.

    Leave on top!

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Private Aircraft in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : And you’ve got a heck of a team always on hand to help ! Reply : On hand and competent. For us, every single flight is important: For over 20 years now, the AB Corporate Aviation team has been at the ready to help you plan your next flight: advice on planning and schedules; help in choosing the airport that is closest to your meeting; advice on which aircraft to choose; in-flight service; flight preparation; permanent assistance: your passengers are greeted and looked after in private lounges until boarding, flights are tracked and a post-flight report is drawn up; a team that is on hand 24 hours a day. With us, renting a business aircraft is both simple and safe: we fully comply with "Public Passenger Transport" regulations, guaranteeing the safety of each and every one of our passengers; we have the same access to the skies as regular airlines, but boast additional access to hundreds of airports these airlines are unable to serve; our passenger lounges are away from the crowds and opened to suit your schedule. (with all the advantages this brings: travel when your diary allows it, without schedule constraints, and save both time and money).

    Fast and efficient

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Jet in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : He’ll see that at the last minute, eithet at 2 or 6pm. But with no waiting and no chance of running into our competitors at the airport. Reply : You schedule is hard to set? We adapt. Your meeting ends earlier than planned? No lost time, we'll move your time of departure forward. Stuck in traffic? No stress, or missed flights, or stays overnight on site. Our business aircraft will wait for you. It is at your disposal and AB Corporate Aviation's team manages take-off times based on your schedule. You board through a special terminal, with simplified formalities, no waiting. In the private lounge, and inside the plane made available by AB Corporate Aviation, you feel at home, with the people you have chosen to be with. You can relax or work in total confidentiality. As for your competitors, you won't run into them. You'll be landing while they'll still be back at the check-in counter with the other passengers for the regular commercial flights. All the others! Topic 2 : And not expensive. Reply : Time is money. AB Corporate Aviation is a tool at your disposal to save time. A lot of time. So, money, lot's of money. It's logical: no subscription, no direct interest, no need to be a shareholder. You just need to make a call. Try it! It doesn't cost anything and it can pay off in a big way.

    Winning across the board!

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