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Airbus A321, Airliner available for charter

One of the most recent in a family of aircraft whose reputation for excellence has long been established, the Airbus 321 combines a large capacity for carrying passengers with great autonomy. You can take more than 200 passengers from Lille to Antalya or from Lyon to Alexandria in optimal conditions regarding speed and comfort.

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Airliners Charters

220 maximum passengers
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Sketch of the cabin section showing the height available for a passenger of Airbus A321, available for private jet charter with a Airliner
Airliner Image 450, a321800
Airliner Image 450, a321800
Archive photos. Indicative description non contractual.

Specifications of the Airliner Airbus A321

Commercial airliner cabin seating

Twin engine jet

cubic feet ( m3)

220 passengers maximum

Performances of the Airliner Airbus A321

450 kts (840 km/h)

196 210 lbs (89 000 kg)

2 300 nm (4 260 km)

35 100 ft (10 700 m)

Dimensions of the Airliner Airbus A321

113 ft 0 in (34,44 m)

7 ft 3 in (2,25 m)

12 ft 1 in (3,70 m)

146 ft 0 in (44,51 m)

38 ft 7 in (11,76 m)

111 ft 1 in (34,10 m)

* The interior configuration and capacity may vary depending of the aircraft.

Airliners Charters

220 maximum passengers
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