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Boeing MD 83, Airliner available for charter

Private business travel as the alternative to regular commercial travel? A commercial aircraft used as a private business aircraft! The MD 83 gives you all the advantages of a regular flight without imposing any constraints upon you. The number of seats is the same, 167, but above all, your trip is personalized, according to the imperatives in terms of your schedule, itinerary and on-board service. ‘Voilà’ the solution for all of your group travel and public relations events to go from Paris to Faro, from Rennes to Prague or from Nantes to Kerkira.

Airliners Charters

167 maximum passengers
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Sketch of the cabin section showing the height available for a passenger of Boeing MD 83, available for private jet charter with a Airliner
Md83 outside
Md83 inside
Md83 outside
Md83 inside
Archive photos. Indicative description non contractual.

Specifications of the Airliner Boeing MD 83

Twin engine jet

cubic feet ( m3)

167 passengers maximum

Performances of the Airliner Boeing MD 83

430 kts (880 km/h)

160 000 lbs (72 575 kg)

2 420 nm (4 500 km)

32 800 ft (11 000 m)

Dimensions of the Airliner Boeing MD 83

102 ft 0 in (31,00 m)

6 ft 7 in (2,05 m)

10 ft 0 in (3,07 m)

147 ft 9 in (45,06 m)

29 ft 7 in (9,02 m)

107 ft 1 in (32,87 m)

* The interior configuration and capacity may vary depending of the aircraft.

Airliners Charters

167 maximum passengers
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Your Private Jet Charter is only for you:

  • Exclusive: not shared with other passengers
  • Personalized
  • Profitable
  • A la carte schedules …

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