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Bombardier CRJ 1000, Airliner available for charter

Charter a commercial airliner Bombardier CRJ 1000 for your visits to factories, product launches, group travel, presentations to the press, public relations trips, seminars, company shuttles, crew changes. You choose your schedule and fly by nonstop direct flights to your final destination. You can reach many airports, even those who are not served by regular airlines. Travel to Milan, Hannover, Liege, Brest, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Braunschweig, Nimes, Geneva, Paris, Antwerp, Lyon, Marseille, London, Birmingham, Zurich, Berlin, Leipzig, Poznan, Copenhagen, East Midlands, Cork, Dusseldorf, Verona and many other airports in France and in Europe.

Airliners Charters

100 maximum passengers
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Sketch of the cabin section showing the height available for a passenger of Bombardier CRJ 1000, available for private jet charter with a Airliner
Airliner Image 958, crj 1000 flying,
Airliner Image 959, crj 1000 cabin seats,
Archive photos. Indicative description non contractual.

Specifications of the Airliner Bombardier CRJ 1000

Commercial airliner cabin seating

Twin engine jet

cubic feet ( m3)

Pressurized aircraft
100 passengers maximum

2 pilots, 2 flight attendants

Performances of the Airliner Bombardier CRJ 1000

445 kts (830 km/h)

90 000 lbs (40 824 kg)

1 340 nm (2 500 km)

40 000 ft (12 200 m)

Dimensions of the Airliner Bombardier CRJ 1000

77 ft 6 in (23,60 m)

6 ft 2 in (1,89 m)

8 ft 4 in (2,55 m)

128 ft 5 in (39,10 m)

24 ft 6 in (7,50 m)

85 ft 1 in (26,20 m)

* The interior configuration and capacity may vary depending of the aircraft.

Airliners Charters

100 maximum passengers
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Discover Airliners Charter customer experiences

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Aircraft in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : With the scheduled flights, we’ll have to leave the day before and spend an extra night or cancel Jones. Reply : Efficiency is our priority! Schedules that give you complete freedom ! AB Corporate Aviation releases you from the restrictions imposed by commercial airlines, allowing you to plan your schedule more efficiently. Our tailor-made solutions are fully suited to your needs: forget schedules that are incompatible with your commitments, delayed or cancelled flights, overbooking, etc… Our business aircraft are provided for your exclusive use and are ready to take off whenever you choose. This means you are free to plan your own schedule and organize your trips as and when you need them. An aircraft is ready and waiting for you at the agreed time, so you don't have to hang around unnecessarily or book into a hotel; and if your professional commitments dictate, prearranged times and routes can be changed, right up to the last minute. With AB Corporate Aviation, you control your business trips. You can plan to visit several sites in Europe in just one day, even in locations not served by regular airlines. Our business flights serve 6,600 airports worldwide, avoiding delays and transfers, and with full discretion. With AB Corporate Aviation, your business trips are optimized and efficiency comes first.

    An European day return flight

  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Aircraft in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : You gotta have them, look, I’ve got AB Corporate Aviation’s 24/7 service number. Reply : The Ab Corporate Aviation team is at your service year around, 24 hours a day. If you have a trip to plan, all you need to tell us is the date of the trip, the itinerary and the number of passengers. Our experts will recommend the private business plane the most suited for the project, the airports nearest to your appointments (even those not serviced by regular airlines). Ab Corporate Aviation gives you an all-included estimate, with no surprises, at competitive and affordable prices. No subscriptions and no investments: you only pay for what you use, at the time when you need it. During your trip, Ab Corporate Aviation is always on call to: change the schedule for your next departure depending on your meetings: if you are ready early or if you need more time to finish your business; make arrangements for an additional passenger (within the limits of the plane's seating capacity); hire a driver upon arrival; The Ab Corporate Aviation team accompanies you throughout your trip, days, nights, weekends, holidays …: all the time, all year. With Ab Corporate Aviation you increase your efficiency. Topic 2 : A quick call and I get the plane I need when I need it, for wherever I want to go. Reply : It's easy to reserve a business plane with Ab Corporate Aviation. Ab Corporate Aviation's team is available 24/7 to study your flight requests and to offer you a selection of aircraft available and tailored to your travel plans, whether it be for a trip in Europe or to go to other continents, and whether it be for travel through large international airports or using local airports not serviced by regular airlines. You decide on your flight schedule: Ab Corporate Aviation adapts to your travel plans. We send you a flat fee estimate including all expenses and the costs of your flights. The reservation procedure is simple:after your acceptance of our estimate and the signature of the contract, you make your payment and send us the passenger list. In case of emergency, we can be ready for departure in less than two hours after your confirmed order. We also communicate to you the precise meeting point in the airport for each departure. For flights using private business planes, you can arrive at the airport only twenty minutes before take-off. With Ab Corporate Aviation, you control your budget.

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  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Business Aircraft in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : Thursday? Darn it, I have a “Strategy” meeting in Poitiers, 3 hours on site minimum. Reply : No manager has the time to make all the business meetings and visits that he would like to. But before forgoing an important meeting, think about private air charter flights: when your presence is necessary, AB Corporate Aviation’s efficiency no longer needs proving to get you there. A private aircraft charter at your disposal In this cartoon, Alain already has a full schedule; nevertheless, he manages to participate in two important and geographically separated appointments in the same day thanks to our help… two successes: his presence on site is completely worthwhile. In fact, with AB Corporate Aviation, he chooses his own departure times and determines the flight plan: private aircraft charter adapts to his needs. Private aircraft charter with AB Corporate Aviation: a means of transportation adapted to your imperatives. AB Corporate Aviation offers private aircraft charter flights at affordable and competitive prices. Topic 2 : Yea, and we’ll only know on Wednesday whether it’s going to be Catherine or Charles. Reply : Selecting your passengers up to the last minute, for organizational reasons, is also one of the essential advantages of business air charter flights. The teams at AB Corporate Aviation are at your disposal up to the last instant to check in the people accompanying you (*). The formalities are reduced to the strict minimum in order to make your travel as peaceful as possible. (*) Passengers must carry the documents required by authorities (valid ID, visas...). AB Corporate Aviation and you: a winning team, a truly immediate boarding. Business air charter flights with AB Corporate Aviation at affordable and competitive prices.

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  • The customer enjoys the benefits of flying with a Airliner in order to solve a complex situation. Topic 1 : Some of the customers and suppliers that we have in common still talk to me about it like their first baptism. Reply : Airliner charter flights, through the organization of private trips, is naturally a high-impact tool. As a creator of emotions and memories, it comforts the position of dynamic companies. Ad hoc Airliner charter , a customer relations tool. In addition to the natural flexibility of a customized flight, you organize your work day the way you want. You choose the airports for departure and arrival, the services that you desire; the experts at AB Corporate Aviation are there to meet your needs and facilitate the unfolding of your trip. That gives you time to focus on your guests. Between presentations and meetings, you convey clear messages and grab the attention of all of your guests during a most unforgettable day. Benefitting from a privileged VIP status, your customers, prospects, managers and sales teams immediately understand that they are important in your eyes. Consequently, you build long-lasting loyalty through a rare and intense moment.

    Build loyalty: Captivate your customers!

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